Here's The Riverdale Recap You Need Ahead Of Season 6

There's a lot to remember.

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Riverdale Season 5 went in a whole new direction. After graduation, the show jumped seven years into the future, as the Core Four returned home as adults to try to save their town. With Season 6 just around the corner, here’s everything to remember about each character.

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Archie Andrews

Archie’s sole mission throughout Season 5 was to save Riverdale from Hiram Lodge. To that end, the veteran became a coach, a firefighter, a miner, and a vigilante to protect his town. He ended the season sparking a new relationship with Betty.

Betty Cooper

Betty returned to Riverdale as an FBI agent, tracking down a murderer, but instead became embroiled in a case of truckers kidnapping women. One of their victims was Polly, and after her sister’s passing, Betty resolved to never leave Riverdale.

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Veronica Lodge

Despite her success on Wall Street, Veronica’s exploitive husband, Chad, was so terrible, she ended up murdering him. She also managed to drive her mobster dad out of town. But V didn’t end up with Archie — she actually wound up rekindling her romance with Reggie.

Jughead Jones

Now a troubled author, Jughead began seeing alien-like Mothmen around town, before discovering they were a lost Blossom clan kidnapping women. After working closely with new Pop’s owner, Tabitha Tate, all season, the two finally made their relationship official.

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Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl became a shut-in after high school, then founded her own religion worshipping Mother Nature. Even more shocking: Cheryl discovered her ancestor was a witch, and she herself unleashed a curse on the town.

Toni Topaz

Toni became both the Serpent Queen and Riverdale High’s guidance counselor, all while carrying a baby for Kevin and Fangs. But when Kangs broke up, Toni decided to raise baby Anthony with Fangs. In the finale, Toni and Fangs declared their feelings for one another.

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Reggie Mantle

Reggie took a dark turn, working for Hiram as the mob boss’ right-hand man. But Reggie soon saw the error in his ways, with the help of Veronica. After getting back together, Veggie is heading into Season 6 with plans to build a casino in Riverdale.

Kevin Keller

Kevin didn’t have much going on in Season 5. The big thing was his breakup with Fangs, leaving him so lost and alone he tried joining Cheryl’s church. With no real purpose left in Riverdale, Kevin told his dad he plans to go back to NYC to chase his Broadway dream.

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Hiram Lodge

Once again, Hiram tried to ruin everyone’s lives in his hunt for palladium buried beneath Riverdale. But after he blew up Pop’s, the town banded together and exiled Hiram for good.

Fangs Fogarty

Fangs' breakup with Kevin was devastating, but he found new love in helping Toni raise her newborn baby, Anthony. Later, Fangs professed his love for Toni, forming an exciting new Riverdale couple most fans didn’t see coming.

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Tabitha Tate

Pop Tate’s granddaughter was a new addition this season, and she really shook things up. She hit it off with Jughead after offering him a job at her diner, and also formed a close friendship with Betty. Though her diner was destroyed, she has plans to rebuild it.

And now you’re ready for Season 6! The new season will kick off with a five-episode horror-inspired event, which will include Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It all goes down when the new season premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 16, on The CW.

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