The Spice Girls Actually Showed Up On The Circle And Twitter Lost It

I'm LOLing.


Season 4 of The Circle spiced things up with a big surprise when Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton (AKA Scary Spice and Baby Spice) entered the game to catfish as an author named Jared. Naturally, The Circle fans took to Twitter with the best memes.


The U.S. version of The Circle never had true celebrity contestants before, so viewers were freaking out.

Like, it just doesn’t get more iconic than the Spice Girls.

Everyone was having ‘90s flashbacks when Scary and Baby walked into their Circle apartment.

It may not have been a full reunion, but seeing Scary and Baby together again was still an absolute delight.

And of course, it was the perfect excuse to break out all the Spice World GIFs.

Fans loved their silly banter so much, they want a whole spinoff series with Scary and Baby.

Some of the funniest parts were all the other players having no idea they were chatting with Spice Girls.

To top it off, Scary and Baby were surprisingly good at the game.

Here’s hoping they stick around for more of Season 4.

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