Stranger Things Fans Absolutely Cannot Stand This New Character

She's honestly worse than a Demogorgon.


Eleven can destroy giant monsters with ease, but bullies are another story. Stranger Things 4 introduced the vicious bully Angela, who made Eleven’s life hell whenever possible. It didn’t take long for Angela to be the fandom’s most hated character.


At Eleven’s new school in California, Angela went out of her way to embarrass and insult the new girl at every turn.

Fans knew whenever she came on screen it was going to be hard to watch.

People even went so far to say she was worse than Season 4’s big bad, Vecna.

Pretty much everyone was hoping Angela would get what she deserved.

...And she finally did get her comeuppance when Eleven slammed a roller skate into her face after Angela humiliated her at the roller rink.

Although the attack scandalized the characters on the show, fans loved the moment.

It was definitely a cathartic moment after all the terrible stuff Angela had done to Eleven.

Stranger Things fans will never look at a roller skate the same again.

El getting her revenge was the highlight of Season 4 for a lot of viewers.

And honestly, Angela got off easy. Imagine if Eleven hadn’t lost her psychic powers...

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