Twitter Has *Many* Issues With Netflix's Is It Cake Show

The memes say it all.


Sometimes all it takes is one meme to spark an entire TV series. Netflix’s new competition series, Is It Cake, is a whole show about the very simple, silly meme in which people slice into cakes that look like real objects. Understandably, Twitter has a lot of thoughts about it.


First off, fans are finding themselves haunted by the image of host Mikey Day slicing through cake-objects with a huge knife, and that’s just the promo image on Netflix’s home screen.

Some are even drawing parallels between Day and a certain famous fictional serial killer.

Other fans have less of an issue with Day’s knife skills and more of an issue with his sense of humor.

Actually, a lot of fans are taking issue with Day’s decidedly corny sense of humor.

Once fans got past the weird jokes on Is It Cake, a lot of people took issue with how one contestant named Jonny messed with his decoy objects.

ICYMI: Jonny added fake tomatoes to some real tacos in order to make the judges think they were fake and made of cake. IMO, it’s not not cheating, and fans have questions.

Is It Cake audiences are also having trouble even seeing the objects and cakes on their screens, which kind of seems like a problem for a show that’s all about comparing objects and cake.

But perhaps the biggest criticism of all is the fact that the makers of Is It Cake apparently didn’t reach out to Natale Sideserf (one of the biggest names in realistic cakes) when producing the show. Big yikes.

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