The Derry Girls Finale Has Everyone In An Emotional Whirlwind

Still crying.

The 'Derry Girls' series finale inspired so many emotional memes.

The series finale of Derry Girls brought joy and tears in equal measure when it aired on May 17. After Claire got her first kiss with another girl on Halloween, she had to learn that her father suddenly passed away of an aneurism. It was a lot to handle all at once.

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The stark juxtaposition of Claire’s joy and her crushing sadness right afterward took fans on an emotional rollercoaster.

It was honestly impossible to finish the episode without crying.

It hurt even more after Claire just had such a sweet moment with her dad earlier in the episode.

Like, it’s just too much!

I still have whiplash from how quickly the tone shifted.

Truly did not see that coming at all.

At least fans got this beautiful shot of the gang coming together to hug Claire.

Everyone needed a moment (or several) after watching that.

Fans couldn’t believe the show would end on such a dark note. Luckily, there will be a one-hour special after the finale to wrap things up properly.

Here’s hoping the special will cheer things up a bit, because the ending of that finale was so bleak.

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