Megan’s Reaction To Winning A BBMA Became An Instant Meme

She was so shocked.

by Joseph Longo and Dylan Kickham
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Megan Thee Stallion was the undisputed queen of the Billboard Music Awards on May 15, and not just because of her performance. The Houston hottie cracked her fans up with a hilarious reaction to her big win, and the memes became unavoidable.


Megan stole the show even before she hit the stage. Her shocked face after winning Top Female Rap Artist had fans cracking up.

The live moment was so chaotic, and also involved Doja Cat and Cara Delevingne hyping up the shocked rapper.

Fans were quick to recognize the meme potential of Meg’s silly face.

Like, obviously it’s going to be the next big reaction GIF.

It’s just such a relatable reaction for so many occasions, not just winning a major music award.

Meg really gave us the new *pretends to be shocked.*

Her face really froze in place for a few seconds.

But is it any surprise? Megan always delivers the funniest memes.

Everyone say, “Thank you, Meg” for giving us the best new reaction GIF.

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