Lil Nas X's Most Iconic Music Video Looks Made An Impact

From “Old Town Road” to “Montero,” he’s been serving LOOKS.

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His Cowboy Outfit In "Old Town Road"

Lil Nas X served up big yeehaw energy in his July 2019 “Old Town Road” video. Not only was it the song that put him on the map, but he was one incredibly chic cowboy.

His "Industry Baby" Prison Uniform

Somehow, Lil Nas X even looks fierce in full prison attire. He and Jack Harlow rocked pink uniforms in their July 22 “Industry Baby” video and were glam and bad*ss jailbirds all at once.

His "Montero" Glitter Bodysuit

Lil Nas X’s “Montero” video opens with him in a sheer, shimmery one-piece, and it’s almost as iconic as the song itself.

His Pink Wig In “Montero”

“Montero” included so many epic fashion looks, it had to be included twice on this list. In the second half of the video, Lil Nas sports a pink gladiator-inspired look and it’s a standout moment from the 3-minute flick.

His Festive “Holiday” Ensemble

Lil Nas X took fans on a trip to the North Pole in his “Holiday” video as a hunky elf. He sported an all-metallic look that stood out even amid the shiny toy factory of the North Pole.

The "Panini" Bodysuit

Contrary to what one might think, “Panini” is not about a sandwich. Lil Nax X actually wrote the song about newfound fame and all that comes with it. In the video, he suited up in Tron-esque, futuristic body armor — likely a nod to how brutal fame can be in modern times.

His Formal Suit In “Sun Goes Down”

“Sun Goes Down” is one of Lil Nas X’s more somber songs and takes on the serious topic of bullying, but he brought a fun aesthetic to the visual by rocking a dapper pink suit.

His Spooky “Rodeo” Get-Up

Lil Nas X transformed into a red-eyed vampire for his “Rodeo” video, but his vampy look was anything but what you’d expect. Instead of wearing the color black like most vampire characters do, he opted for an all-white look.

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