Lady Gaga Fans Are Making Valid Points About Her House Of Gucci Oscar Snub

There's a solid reason people were expecting her to get nominated.

by Ani Bundel

After being nominated in all the precursor award ceremonies, Lady Gaga was overlooked in the Academy Awards’ Best Actress category for her performance in House of Gucci. These tweets about Lady Gaga's 2022 Oscar nomination snub explain why fans are so shook.


Lady Gaga stans go hard for their Mother Monster, so the outrage over her snub is to be expected.

But there’s more than just an overwhelming love for Gaga behind this. Leading up to the Oscar nomination announcement, Gaga seemed to be a shoo-in based on her nominations for other reputable award shows.

Gaga’s performance in House of Gucci has been nominated over and over... until the 2022 Oscars.

Solid argument, no notes.

The question everyone kept asking: Why?

It;s also interesting to note that Kristen Stewart — who got a Best Actress Oscar nom for her role in Spencer — hasn’t gotten a single nod from any of the precursor award shows, while Gaga snatched them all up.

Since HoG didn’t get the *best* response from audiences, some assumed being angry about Gaga’s snub was going to be an unpopular opinion.

They were wrong.

All that work, and only a snub to show for it.

Of course, Gaga’s fans still love her as much as ever, even if the Academy did not.

House of Gucci is still playing in theaters. It is also available as a streaming rental on various platforms, including Amazon and Vudu.


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