Stranger Things Introduced A New Generation To Kate Bush, And Everyone's Obsessed

We're all Max hitting replay on "Running Up That Hill" now.


In Stranger Things Season 4 Max’s love for Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” took center stage. Fans have immediately flocked to the song, making it number one on iTunes just three days after the release of Volume 1. Here are the best (and funniest) fan reactions to Max’s life-saving cool girl anthem.


Fans are connecting their love for Kate Bush with their love for Stranger Things.

Max’s connection with the song is very relatable.

And fans are feeling really emotional about the power of the song.

Even making jokes about the song literally and metaphorically being a lifesaver.

Tears were a pretty common reaction on Twitter after that doozy of a fourth episode.

Fans cannot stop listening to the song, reliving the episodes, and boosting the song to heights in the charts it hasn’t seen since it was released in the ‘80s.

This guy gets it.

Fans of the show pushing the song into virality brought out the Kate Bush fans too. Some are loving the attention their favorite artist is getting.

And others are feeling a bit more bitter.

Even Netflix got in on the fun.

Even if you can’t find a cassette player at a thrift store to really capture the ‘80s vibe, you can take a page out of Max’s book and put “Running Up That Hill” on repeat until Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4 is released on July 1.

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