Karamo's Shirts On Queer Eye Season 6 Shared Important Messages

He's now selling them for a good cause.


Tan may be Queer Eye’s fashion expert, but in Season 6, Karamo was turning the looks, wearing shirts highlighting Black and LGBTQ+ rights all season. Let’s see some of the best ones.


Karamo wore a shirt that read “Black history is more than slavery” while meeting bodybuilder Angel in Episode 2 of Season 6. The shirt is available on Moteefe.

While learning about rancher Josh in Episode 3, Karamo wore a shirt that said, “My brown skin should not be feared.” The design is part of his limited-edition Karamo collection, whose proceeds benefit True Colors United and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.

While planning a prom in Episode 4, Karamo wore a shirt reading, “Sandra Atatiana Breonna #SayHerName.” The #SayHerName campaign sheds light on racist police brutality against Black women. Sandra Bland, Atatiana Jefferson, and Breonna Taylor were all victims of police brutality.

Karamo wore a “Defund the police” shirt while speaking with the Navarro High students in Episode 4. Similar shirts can be found on DNO’s website.

While meeting Todd in Episode 5, Karamo wore a shirt thanking Black politicians Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, and Michelle Obama. It’s available as a part of his Karamo collection.

During his outing with Dr. Jereka in Episode 6, Karamo wore a shirt that read, “Black people, I love you.” The design is part of his Karamo collection.

The “Thank you Black women” shirt Karamo wore later in Episode 6 is also available as a part of his Karamo collection.

Karamo wore a shirt celebrating queer Black artists when meeting Chris in Episode 8. It venerated drag queen RuPaul, singer and rapper Lil Nas X, and hitmaking bounce musician Big Freedia as legends.

During his chat with Sarah in Episode 9, Karamo wore a shirt that shouted out queer Black civil rights leaders. The shirt celebrates Bayard Rustin, Stormé DeLarvarie, and Marsha P. Johnson, and is available as part of the Karamo collection.

While speaking with Reggie in Episode 10, Karamo wore a shirt with an important message: “Black lives still matter (even if it’s not on your social feeds).” You can support the movement by buying similar apparel from the Black Lives Matter store.

You can see all of Karamo’s impactful shirts in Queer Eye Season 6, streaming on Netflix now.

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