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The Bachelor Had Some Its Most Famous Celeb Guests To Date And Twitter Lost It

This really is what dreams are made of.

ABC/John Fleenor

It’s common for special guests to stop by The Bachelor to offer the lead some help. But when Hilary Duff and Ziwe Fumudoh showed up in the Jan. 10 episode to help out Clayton, Bachelor Nation Twitter went wild.

ABC/John Fleenor

For the first group date of the episode, the women headed to a Beverly Hills mansion where they met Hilary Duff — and proceeded to fully fangirl out.

Cassidy Timbrooks was especially excited to see Duff; she even let her know that hers was the first concert she ever attended.

Like, Cassidy was really excited to see Duff.

To be fair to Cassidy, though, all of Bachelor Nation pretty much lost it over Duff being on The Bachelor.

Seeing Duff on The Bachelor brought back a lot of Lizzie McGuire memories for fans.

Fans started imagining the Bachelor/Disney Channel crossover possibilities.

Duff’s appearance on The Bachelor was exactly what fans needed to remind them what they love about the show.

In fact, fans wanted to see even more of Duff throughout the episode.

Then, when it was time for the next group date, comedian extraordinaire Ziwe showed up to help point out some relationship red flags.

Fans were so happy to see Ziwe, they were already nominating her to take over Bachelor hosting duties.

Ziwe is known for holding nothing back, so fans were excited to see how she would act on The Bachelor.

Fans could immediately tell that the women were worried about what Ziwe would have in store for them.

Ziwe had the women play Never Have I Ever with Clayton and some big truths came out.

The consensus seems to be that Hilary Duff and Ziwe raised the bar for celeb appearances on The Bachelor. Your move, ABC.

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