Prepare To Melt Over All The Tweets And Memes Shipping First Kill's Main Couple

Juliette and Cal forever.


It might not be a classic love story — after all, Juliette is a vampire and Calliope is a vampire hunter — but this couple’s love for one another has already earned them some serious stans. Here are all the best tweets shipping Cal and Juliette in Netflix’s First Kill.


Fans joked they were there just for the plot — as long as the plot meant steamy makeout scenes between Juliette and Cal.

Of course, the so-called plot wasn’t always straightforward. Enemies to lovers anyone?

Like all good YA fans, Caliette stans cared most about the little moments.

Some tweeters called out what they specifically love about the Caliette ship.

Others were just generally obsessed, posting their favorite scenes.

There’s lots of kissing to swoon over.

Fans had a field day memeifying their love for the unlikely couple.

The jokes about Cal’s protective nature are hilarious.

The ending really struck a chord. Only a sobbing meme could represent stans’ pain.

For more Caliette moments, First Kill Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


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