Let's Recap Dead To Me Ahead Of The Final Season

Jen and Judy have been though it.


After all the lies, dead husbands, and murder coverups, Jen and Judy’s twisted tale of unlikely friendship is coming to an end with Dead to Me Season 3. But before you press play on the final season, there’s a lot of details you really need to remember.


How Season 1 Ended

After Jen learned Judy’s ex, Steve, was in the car that killed her husband, she murdered him in a fit of rage. Although Jen was also still mad at Judy for her lies, they soon reconciled, bonding over Steve’s death. Here’s what happened next...

Meet Ben

Surprise! Turns out Steve actually had a twin brother named Ben, who’s actually a lot sweeter and more trusting than his money-laundering bro. But he still wanted to know what happened to his twin.

A Quickie Burial

With Ben and Detective Perez poking around, Jen and Judy decided to finally move Steve’s corpse from the fridge in Jen’s garage and bury the body in a nearby forest.

The New Ben & Jen

As Ben continued looking for his missing brother, he unexpectedly developed a connection with Jen. The two eventually shared a kiss and entered into a romantic relationship.

The Michelle Of It All

Jen wasn’t the only one with a new love. Judy also started dating Michelle, the daughter of one of her clients. The two seemed perfect for each other, until...

Too Close For Comfort

Judy found out Michelle’s roommate (and ex) was Detective Perez, the officer investigating Steve’s murder. To try to stay off her radar, Judy had to break up with Michelle despite her feelings.

Mommy Issues

Still emotional from the breakup, Judy visited her mother in prison. Eleanor asked her daughter to help free her from jail, but Judy refused, breaking her pattern of being manipulated.

Jen’s Confession

After her son Charlie found Steve’s car in her garage, Jen finally confessed to to the murder to Detective Perez, leaving Judy to be the guardian of her sons. However, Perez let her off the hook when they couldn’t locate Steve’s body.

A Timely Distraction

Perez’s decision to help Jen was influenced by her police chief Hastings getting arrested at that same moment. Turns out, he was involved in Steve’s money laundering scheme as well, as evidence from Steve’s car confirmed.

Fender Bender

But Jen and Judy weren’t fully in clear. After Ben got a call that a hiker found his brother’s corpse, he went on a drunken joyride and wound up crashing into Jen and Judy’s car. He then sped away before the women could see him.

Jen & Judy’s Last Ride

Season 3 will kick off in the direct aftermath of Ben’s car crash. The whole final season of Dead to Me is available to stream on Netflix on Nov. 17.

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