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Clayton's Family Threw So Much Shade At Their Son And Bach Nation Was Here For It

Fans are stanning the Echard fam.


Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor took a downward turn fairly quickly. After he admitted to being in love with all of his final three contestants, no one was harder on him than his own parents. These memes of Clayton’s family sum it up nicely.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Clayton’s dad had a hard time supporting his son as he dragged things on with all three of his final contestants.

Clayton’s mom wasn’t afraid to question Clayton about some of the choices he made so far.

Fans saw themselves in Clayton’s mom’s reactions to him.

Clayton’s dad even said he understood why Susie left his son.

He also didn’t seem totally on board with Clayton’s remaining relationships.

Basically, Clayton’s parents spent a lot of time trying to make sense of their son during this Bachelor finale.

But Bachelor Nation loved that they weren’t afraid to give him some tough love.

In fact, some fans were predicting an ending where everyone — even his family — leaves Clayton.

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