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Bachelor Twitter Collectively Lost It Over This Chaotic Elimination

Points were made.

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Cassidy Timbrooks thought she had at least another week with Clayton Echard when she received a group date rose. But that changed when Clayton learned she had a “friends with benefits” situation and revoked her rose. Here’s how Twitter reacted to Cassidy’s Bachelor elimination.

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When Clayton pulled Cassidy aside, she said she knew what he wanted to talk about, but then acted surprised when he brought up her relationship history.

Cassidy tried to deny being romantically involved with any other man in years.

Cassidy was forced to confront the situation, though. Even though it was apparently just a FWB situation, it didn’t seem like Cassidy conveyed that super well.

Once Cassidy realized what their conversation was about, she worked hard to make Clayton know how much she wanted to stay and pursue a relationship with him.

Cassidy wouldn’t call it love, but she said she was feeling “something” for Clayton.

Cassidy tried to go in for a kiss to show Clayton how she felt, but he was not receptive to it.

Cassidy had been quick to brag about her group date rose, but before she knew it, Clayton took it back.

Cassidy was pretty distraught when she found out Clayton was sending her home.

She tried to use packing as an excuse not to leave, but it didn’t fly.

Some fans pointed out that at least Cassidy may have had someone waiting for her as soon as she left.

Cassidy had teamed up with Shanae Ankney to strategize, but her leaving left Shanae all on her own.

In fact, fans on Twitter were really worried about how Shanae would do without Cassidy.

In the end, Cassidy did not have as much success on The Bachelor as she thought she would have.

But some fans were still worried about the fact that Cassidy never got a chance to pack before she left.

And Cassidy had to face the fact that she was, in fact, going home.

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