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The Bachelor's Latest Drama Revolved Around... Shrimp?

Of course, this went ~swimmingly~ on Twitter.

ABC/John Fleenor

Shrimp may be small, but they caused big drama during Week 3 of The Bachelor. The feud between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan escalated even more in the Jan. 24 episode, all because they had trouble sharing their seafood snack. Naturally, Twitter had a lot of thoughts.

ABC/John Fleenor

First of all, Bachelor Nation had to come to terms with the fact that the biggest drama of the episode was all about shrimp. Shrimp!

First, Elizabeth made lunch for the women by cooking up some garlic butter shrimp, and Shanae rushed to grab some.

But there were only 15 pieces of shrimp, and Shanae decided to take a bit more than her share.

In fact, a shrimp counter helped audiences keep track of all the shrimp Shanae took.

Fans on Twitter really appreciated the shrimp counter’s help in keeping track of all of Shanae’s shrimp.

So, when Elizabeth was upset that Shanae at most of the shrimp she made, fans thought that she made some good points.

Shanae made some more shrimp after she ate most of Elizabeth’s, but a lot of fans thought it didn’t hold up to the original shrimp.

Elizabeth and some of the other women didn’t seem that interested in the replacement shrimp Shane made, and that was where the drama really began.

Shanae got really upset that everyone paid attention to Elizabeth’s shrimp, but her shrimp was mostly ignored.

With so much attention on both women’s shrimp, the sea creatures really wound up being the star of the episode.

The situation got so big, it earned its own name: Shrimp-Gate.

Shrimp-Gate became the nexus of all the drama that’s been going on between Shanae and Elizabeth.

But some fans were upset the shrimp didn’t also get to share their side of the story.

After all, the shrimp became one of the most important parts of Week 3.

No matter what happens with Shanae and Elizabeth, the drama surrounding Shrimp-Gate was exactly what a lot of Bachelor Nation fans tune in for.

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