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Here Are The Best Memes Of The Bachelor's "Rose Ceremony From Hell"

Sometimes it's best to cope with tragedy through humor.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jesse Palmer began the first night of Clayton Echard’s two-night Bachelor season finale saying that fans should prepare for the “Rose Ceremony From Hell.” It sounded like a joke, but it turns out that description was not too far off from what actually went down.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Rachel and Gabby didn’t know what they were in for them when they began the night.

Things were rough for Clayton right from the start when he decided to tell Gabby and Rachel that he was in love with both of them during the rose ceremony.

As soon as Clayton broke the news to Rachel and Gabby, chaos ensued.

The internet’s current favorite Euphoria meme was put to excellent use.

When Clayton opened up the rose ceremony for Gabby and Rachel to ask questions, neither immediately spoke up. But viewers at home certainly did.

After Clayton dropped the bomb, Gabby and Rachel each split off to process the revelation alone.

Rachel and Gabby spent a good portion of the rose ceremony crying, while Clayton stood alone and listened.

Rachel took the news super hard, and there were some casualties.

When it was finally time to hand out roses, Gabby initially rejected Clayton. But after chatting with Clayton, she decided to stick it out and accepted his rose.

At least there was *some* comedic relief, as reaction videos from the live studio audience played in the corner of the screen.

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