Twitter Lost Its Collective Mind Seeing Addison And Meredith Reunite On Grey's

That elevator scene!

ABC/Eric McCandless

Fans got a treat in Season 18, Episode 3 of Grey’s Anatomy, when Addison (Kate Walsh) returned to the show after years of being gone. And when she and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) teamed up for an intense surgery, Twitter basically exploded.

ABC/Eric McCandless

Addison’s return mirrored her Season 1 debut.

Any Grey’s fan knows the most important moments happen in elevators.

Addison’s grown a lot since she first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy.

Everything old is new again...

Addison’s return made fans reminisce about the early days of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Addison’s return also meant she got to reunite with Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone).

Addison got to meet the next generation.

Grey’s always delivers on big feelings, but this episode was something special.

Mer promised Addison Derek was still alive in his kids, and she wasn’t wrong.

All the Addison scenes were a lot for fans to handle.

Like, *really* a lot to handle.

Private Practice fans noted a very important detail about Addison’s relationship status.

And other fans noticed Addison still hasn't switched out her scrub cap after all these years.

Other fans noticed that everyone’s favorite nurse Bokhee (Bokhee An) joined the reunion.

The thing is, now we have to prepare to say goodbye all over again.

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