Twitter Is Full Of Jokes About The Bizarre Oscar Fan-Fave Awards

Choices were made.

by Ani Bundel

The 94th Oscars announced the first ever-Twitter Award to modernize the Academy Awards for “Most Popular Film.” From the moment this was announced, critics and fans alike were skeptical. But these memes about the 2022 Oscars Twitter awards are savage.


The “Twitter-voted categories” began with the “Top Five Movie Moments” that went to Justice League.

But when the Twitter favorite Oscar nominees were announced with another Zack Snyder movie leading, fans smelled a rat... or a troll.

There was no getting around it — any hope of a movie that could have earned an Oscar was toast.

For some Power-Twitter users, at least they could explain the results to their perplexed non-extremely-online family members.

As some noted, Army of the Dead was not a movie anyone expected to get mentioned at the Oscars, and the Academy only had itself to blame.

Considering most assumed the category was added as a way to try and highlight Spider-Man: No Way Home, it certainly felt like a major backfire.

The lack of forethought in creating the category was obvious to just about everyone.

As some noted it’s not about the movie, it’s about the online fandom.

Still, some fans argued it wasn’t the worst Oscars ever, at least not yet.

But considering the planned troll winners for next year, let’s hope the show quietly never does this again.

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