11 Things College Teaches You Outside Of A Classroom

College changes your life in irrevocable ways. It's a magical four years (five for some, but no judgment here) in which you shed the naïveté of adolescence and begin to morph into a full-blown adult. When it begins, and you're a wide-eyed little fres…
By John Haltiwanger

Why Your College Roommate Knows You Better Than Anyone (Video)

The bond you have with you college roommate is stickier than the floor of your college bar. But, what exactly makes this bond so deep? Is it the late-night shenanigans and top-secret memories you've made, shared over warmed up leftovers and swore to …
By Tracey Zane

6 Reasons Your WiFi Connection Is The Most Important Relationship You Have

You know, everyone always says they want "love." No one wants to die alone, to spend their days in solitude with their 50 cats as their only company. Everyone wants someone to spend their life with. Yet, there is another thing that could be worse tha…
By Gigi Engle