Why Girls Love Their Besties’ Boyfriends

There’s a hidden gem in the world of friends that is our best friends’ boyfriends. This type of friend is often better than actual guy friends because they won’t misconstrue your kindness as flirting, and at times even better than girlfriends because they make judgments with their penises and don’t bring drama. Becoming best friends with your BFF’s boyfriend makes the whole “I’m still single and now you have a boyfriend” thing suck a lot less, too.

And, your newly hooked up friend is happy because she really wants her number one pal to adore the man she loves. It’s a symbiotic bond – provided the boyfriend actually enjoys spending time with the girlfriends’ friends (hint: you men probably shouldn’t reveal otherwise). We reap the benefits of having a boyfriend, without the hassle of actually maintaining a relationship. It’s a love triangle that works – that is until the two of them breakup…

Here’s why girls love their besties’ boyfriends:

We Ask Them For Guy Advice, And They Won’t Judge Us

Chances are they know everything about our personal lives, anyway.

They Set Us Up With Their Male Friends

Double-dates in the near future with people you actually like! Woohoo!

We Can Be Completely Open With Our Bodies…And It Stays Platonic

We can run around in our underwear and they won’t look (or will pretend not to).

They Buy Us Drinks At The Bar

A double standard we unashamedly love.

They Make Great Wingmen

Someone who knows how to make you look good in front of the male species.

They Give An Honest Opinion

No girl-on-girl overanalyzing. You and the boyfriend are true friends.

You’re Always Invited to Their Pregame or Their Friend’s Party

New people = new penises.

Pretend To Be Your Boyfriend and Save You From The Creep At the Club

Genius role play.

They’re Obligated To Attend All of Your Parties…And Bring Their Friends

The more the merrier!

Bring Their Own Alcohol and Smoke You Out

Free Male Attention…With No Strings Attached

Ensure You Make It Home Safely…

…which should actually be a job for your girlfriends.

Knowledgeable About Cool, Non-Girly Activities


Pay For Your Cab

(At least sometimes!)

Let You Bring Other Males To The Pregame

Normally having your extra guy friends tag along is frowned upon.

Hook You Up With Jobs and Connections

It’s no secret that there's still an “Old Boys Club” mentality in the business world.