Teen Girls Create 'Tampon Run' Game So Everyone Can Stop Freaking Out About Periods

It often takes the youngest members of society to make a change.

Two teenage girls have created an '80s-style video game called Tampon Run, which they hope to use as a tool for opening up conversations about the stigma of menstruation.

New York residents Andrea Gonzales, 16, and Sophie Houser, 17, first met at Girls Who Code, a tech organization for girls who love computers. It was a match made in heaven, and Gonzales and Houser quickly began to share ideas.

Using their coding knowledge, Gonzales and Houser decided to address the taboo surrounding periods. Tampon Run was their final project.

In the game, players have a backpack full of tampons. As enemies approach, players throw tampons in their faces rather than shooting them with guns. The game's intro says that if we've normalized violence and guns in games, we should be able to normalize tampons as well.

As Tampon Run goes on, users have to collect boxes of tampons to continue. If you run out, it's the end of the game.

Gonzales and Houser have taken their first steps in normalizing the period.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Twitter