Plan C? FDA Approves Generic Over-The-Counter Morning After Pills

With all the attacks on female's reproductive rights, it's nice to see that something is happening to make obtaining emergency contraceptive easier and more affordable for women.

The FDA commendably just approved that generic morning after pills can be sold over the counter to customers in need.

Previously, a big deterrent for Plan B was that purchasers had to be over 17, and show identification when requesting the pill from pharmacists.

This no-brand-name form of Plan B — although manufacturers still say it's intended for women ages 17 and up — won't require proof of age upon purchase, and will be available directly on retail shelves. This will allow really anyone who needs the emergency contraceptive access to it.

According to women's rights groups, the generic kind will also make this type of contraceptive more affordable, reducing the cost per-pill by around $10.

The morning after pill is used to prevent pregnancies in women weighing 165 pounds or less within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

By offering more options and opening the market to Plan B's generic competitors, the FDA is allowing women to take control over their own lives and reproductive futures.

H/T: Refinery29, Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock