Revolutionary Study Shows Men Can't Actually Read Women's Mind

We, as women, tend to get pissed off at men for not being able to read our minds. If our girlfriends can always tell what mood we’re in, why can’t our boyfriends? Women have trouble being straight up about how we feel, so instead, we give men signs through subtle expressions.

When they don’t respond to our liking, we wonder why the f*ck they don’t care about how we feel. However, according to a recent study, that isn’t the case.  The results of this study suggest that men actually have a harder time reading a woman’s expressions, than they do with fellow men.

During the study, a bunch of men were shown a series of eyes of both men and women with different expressions. Not only did men take longer to guess a female’s expression, but they were also twice as successful in correctly guessing the male’s expression than that of the females.

Researchers feel that men have been cultivated to pay less attention to women. One theory suggests that because men were involved in hunting and fighting, it was more important for them to sense their male rivals.

Whatever the reason may be, men actually can't read our minds, ladies. At least now we know not to be offended.

Via PLOS One