Man Convicted Of Drugging And Raping His Ex-Wife Won't Spend A Day In Prison

If you're one of many losing faith in this country's justice system, then warning: this story will not help reverse those views.

Instead, the tale told by Indiana woman Mandy Boardman is pretty terrible, and just goes to show how certain judges and courtrooms don't protect women's rights or dignity at all.

Boardman suffered frequent abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, David Wise. Over the course of three years, he regularly drugged and had sex with her without her consent, often filming these assaults on his phone.

When Boardman confronted him about it, Wise confessed to this serious wrongdoing, explaining that he hurt her because she was "snippy." He even admitted to her in writing:

I was taking advantage of you in your sleep and you kept coming to me and telling me it was NOT ok.

Wise was found guilty by a court of law and convicted of six felony charges that had to do with the mistreatment of and assault on Boardman. But when it came time for sentencing, Wise inexplicably didn't have to serve any jail time.

This criminal won't spend a single day in prison because a judge overruled the 12 years imprisonment of his 20 year sentence, and instead imposed eight years of home confinement.

House arrest seems in no way the appropriate punishment for a man who continually attacked a woman, but if that doesn't anger you enough, Judge Kurt Eisgruber then expressed to Boardman that he hoped she would forgive her attacker.

I know judges are supposed to voice their opinions on how to interpret the law, but giving a rape victim advice on how to "forgive" her attacker seems unfathomable and utterly inappropriate.

H/T: Feministing, Photo Courtesy: Facebook