Being Sore Is No Longer An Excuse For Not Working Out

We’ve all been there before. Waking up, not wanting to do certain aspects of our daily routine. You know, those days where you just do not want to work out, and any excuse to get you out of the process will serve you just fine.

One of the most utilized excuses for not working out, is claiming that you’re sore. Sure, we’ve been taught our whole lives that we should not overwork our muscles for the sake of our health, but is this really accurate?

According to a study done by researchers in Copenhagen, more exercise is just as effective at curbing muscle pain as getting a massage. Researchers first had 20 women do some shoulder exercises while hooked up to a resistance machine.

Two days later, the women did another test—one half performed a recovery workout on one of their shoulders, then a massage, the other half did the massage first, and then did the workout.

Both groups reported that the shoulders that did the workout and got the rub down felt better than the “control” shoulder that didn’t have either. However, they also said that they felt a little less sore post-workout than post-massage.

Sorry slackers, (kidding, I’m so one of these people) you’re going to have to find another excuse when it comes to ditching your gym routine.

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images