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What Happens When You Give A Man An Unexpected Fruity Drink

My brother rarely drinks. It might have something to do with the two kids he has to take care of, but regardless, he barely touches the sauce. Yet in those moments where he does imbibe (out of stress or freedom from the kiddies), he's not looking for…
By Blair Thill

Why Being A Manly Man Is Overrated

Ah, the male specimen — what a burly yet delicate creature. Men feel so much pressure to live up to the stereotype that you have to be "manly" to qualify as a guy's guy. Lifting weights? A must. Plaid shirts? Definitely. Facial hair? Uh, duh. But cry…
By Kelley Lord

Why Real Men Drink Whatever The Hell They Want

Everyone loves fruity drinks. It's just a fact. And what's not to love? They're tasty, sweet and colorful, and they usually come with a dope little umbrella you can save as a souvenir. Guys especially love fruity drinks. What man wouldn't order a gim…
By Gigi Engle

Meet The Millennial Boyfriend Who Does Anything For His Girlfriend

For many of us, our 20s are a time for indulging — a brief 10 years when we can be self-involved, ditch commitments, date whomever and spend frivolously. Every once in a while, though, we meet someone who's different: someone who's mature, wise, lovi…
By Camille D’Elia