Redskins' DeSean Jackson Has Small Penis, Says IG Model

Where do we even begin?

Elizabeth Ruiz is an Instagram model who, last year, reportedly tried to blackmail Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller over an alleged sex tape of them.

Fast forward to this week, and we have the same IG model, Ruiz, making headlines, but with a different NFL star caught in the headlights.


Monday, Elizabeth Ruiz joined the radio show "Hollywood Unlocked" and told host Jason Lee Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson has a super small penis.

As you can hear in the clip at the top, Lee asked if Von Miller had a "big weenie," to which the Instagram model replied,

I mean, I can tell you who has a small one... DeSean Jackson. Man, he's built like an Asian.


That is some savagery of the highest order. It sounds like Jason Lee wasn't even asking about DeSean Jackson, but that didn't stop Ruiz from telling the whole world Jackson apparently has a tiny penis.

Tuesday, DeSean Jackson voiced his anger on Instagram.


To caption the above photo, Jackson wrote,

Females dyin for attention... why you so mad Speaking up on me smh Real Low Life ..

It didn't end there, though, because DeSean Jackson's current girlfriend, Kayla Phillips, went off on a rant of her own directed at Ruiz.

As you can see in the photo above, Phillips wrote,

Wasn't too small for you to suck and f*** tho. Hmm when will women learn to have class. Never speak on another woman's man. Now we have an issue. I'll be in LA soon and we'll see if you're still reckless at the mouth

Oh snap.

Elizabeth Ruiz must've been shook by the replies from DeSean Jackson and his girlfriend because she took to Instagram to issue an apology.


The caption for Ruiz's post reads,

I'm not a bad person I make soooooo many mistakes that later on I think about like damn that was messed up I been fucked over a lot (which is not an excuse) and have never really received love genuine love from a man, which over time has made me careless of people I've became so prideful and so against 'showing emotion' I don't realize I've been hurting others ... I don't want the 'fast come up' by putting others down nor do I want a pity party from anyone I'm simply here to say it's true I've been unhappy with my self and in the process I've been reckless .. I'm under construction and I'm willing to deal with all the consequences for my actions and I'm sorry

At this point, I'm really not sure what to make of all this.

Does DeSean Jackson have a super small penis? The world may never know.

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