No One Can Get Over This Olympic Gymnast's Floor Routine To Beyoncé


The future is gymnastics with Beyoncé.

Whoever thought it would be such a perfect pairing? It's like red wine and steak. NO — it's better.

Meet Brazil's Rebeca Andrade. She's a 17-year-old gymnast, and she's taking the Rio 2016 Olympics by storm.

Yes, I get it. You've seen one floor routine, you've seen them all. Wrong. This is unlike any gymnastics you've seen.

Rebeca is redefining the floor routine by fusing it with dance. Seriously — this thing is more like a dance with sweet flips thrown in there for effect.

Take a look at her performance at the Olympic qualifying stage:

Hear the crowd go wild? They loved it.

That awesome "Single Ladies" and "Crazy in Love" mash-up is her calling card.

She used the mixtape for a routine earlier this year at another gymnastic competition:

Rio's been a long time coming for Rebeca.

She was selected to do her thang at the Youth Olympic Games in 2014 but suffered an injury and couldn't compete.

A year later she tore her ACL.

But now it's her time. DO IT FOR BEYONCÉ.

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