Couple Sleeps In Insane Bed With 5 Kids, Claims Sex Life Is Still Alive (Photos)

The members of the Boyce family are close.

No, literally. The members of the Boyce family are literally close in proximity to each other, sleeping in a massive seven-person bed.

Portrait photographer Elizabeth and stay-at-home dad Tom Boyce combined pieces of IKEA furniture to create a Frankenbed for themselves and their five children.

When the family travels around the country for Elizabeth's shoots, they share campers and hotel rooms that force closeness. This necessity became a preference for the children, so the parents decided to enforce the same togetherness back in Texas during their at-home evening ritual.

On her blog, Elizabeth explains,

We just needed sleep.  Tom is disabled and is often sick or needs care at night.  I was up helping him…When we moved everyone together, the toddler got a dark little cave to sleep in.  Our anxious, insomniac 11 yr old had a dark little cave to sleep in. Our wild sleepers each had their own space and I was still by Tom to help him if he needed it.  Sleep, people.  It is really simple.

The arrangement begs the obvious question of how the couple manages alone time when they are spending each night beside their offspring.

Elizabeth shares,

Sex doesn't have to happen in a bed… I am sure you can figure it out. In our house, by moving everyone into one room, we suddenly had several other rooms that were completely empty at night and we no longer had small children wandering, crying into our bed in the dark.

Once she breaks it down, the bed begins to seem like a fun indoor camping trip for the whole family.

The full layout marks a spot for every member of the family from 11-year-old Zack to toddler Elijah.

The structure is softly lit with twinkle lights.

A curtain divides the bed into sections when necessary.

Soft drapes create an ethereal tent look.

The arrangement likely won't continue to work as the children grow older and take up more space, but for now, the Boyce family sleeps united.

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