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This Multicolored Dresser Is The New "The Dress" & We’re Screaming

ByBernadette Deron
Oh no, the internet is at it again. I'm sure you remember "the dress" — yes, that infamous dress that went viral back in 2015 and took the world by storm with a color debate of epic proportions. Well now there's a new "what color is it?" debate that…

This Sneaker Is The New "Dress" & Its Colors Are Breaking The Internet

ByBrenda Santana
Do you remember "The Dress"? No, I'm not talking about the green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez rocked at the 2000 Grammy Awards. I'm referring to "The Dress" that drove the internet mad back in 2015 because no one could figure out if it was white and…

This Nike Outfit Is The New "Dress" And The Internet Is At War Over Its Colors

ByBrenda Santana
Yes, the internet loves disagreeing on things. This week, everyone online is arguing about a seemingly normal (and kind of cute) Nike athleisure outfit. The outfit was first shared on Facebook by user Rachel Stewart on July 3 and has already amassed…

No One Can Agree On What Color This Bag Is, So Here Goes Another 'The Dress'

ByAmanda Fama
Here we go again, everyone. Remember the dress from last year that drove all of us completely out of our minds? It was this godforsaken striped getup that split the nation in half, separating those who saw blue and black from those who saw white and…

What F*cking Color Is This Dress?

ByRobert Gordon
Today started like any other Thursday, but quickly unraveled into pure chaos. First, two llamas escaped in Arizona and led police and the world on the most exciting low-speed chase since OJ Simpson's 1994 pursuit. Then, in a twist that should've…