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  • Skull Wedding Band


    If you’re looking to promise your bae forever with some gorgeous skull candy, then this steampunk inspired wedding band would be a solid choice. Crafted in your choice of rose, yellow, or blackened 14kt gold with diamonds embedded in eye-sockets, this beautiful ring is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

  • The Wedding Date


    Samantha Jenkins is thrilled to be the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding, but there are three problems. Her ex-boyfriend, Liam, will be the best man, his new girlfriend is pregnant with their baby, and everyone thinks Sam has a new boyfriend. Which she does not. So, Sam does the only sensible thing in her mind and hires a professional to pose as her new love. She finds charming actor Jake Porter to play her man and he plays the part to perfection. Everyone believes they are truly in love, but as the wedding draws closer, Sam begins to worry he might not actually be acting.



    This wedding band proves that the little details are everything. The band itself is actually three stack rings that interlock together to make your own personal graveyard! You (or bae) can wear them all together for a slightly more elaborate statement or separately for a more relaxed look.

  • Holographic Wedding Place Cards


    The '90s are back, and that means you want holographic everything. Who doesn't love that futuristic rainbow look that dominated the '90s fashion and style? If you're living for the nostalgia, you'll love these holographic place cards from Etsy. You can even personalize them with each of your guests' names.

  • Arabelle Boho Wedding Dress


    This wedding dress is the epitome of boho-chic. The long lace sleeves bell out at the ends for a truly dreamy look that certainly makes a statement. Complete this style by wearing a bright flower crown in your hair on your big day.

  • Skeleton Love Eternity Wedding Band


    Just when you thought a skeleton couldn’t be incorporated into a classic wedding band silhouette, this beauty is here to prove you wrong. The stunning simplicity of this ring is almost too much, and it comes in 18kt gold. Decadent AF.

  • Valencia Intricate Gothic Wedding Band


    If you’re in search of a wedding band for a Halloween wedding that doesn’t scream "boo", then this amazingly intricate piece is right up your alley. The intricate Spanish gothic weaving looks effortlessly royal, while the ruby red stone brings a whimsical element that’s definitely swoon-worthy.

  • Fresh Leaf Wedding Place Card


    You won't beleaf how gorgeous these fresh leaf wedding place cards are. Each one is handmade with your guests' names on them. Not only are they a standout detail for your wedding decor, but these are biodegradable for an eco-friendly ceremony.

  • Rose Gold Black Diamond Wedding Band


    Black diamonds are a gorgeous deviation from the traditional white, and it’s easy to see why. Their smokey glitter and depth are enough to make any wicked boo weak in the knees. The contrast between the dark stones and the rose gold makes this ring a total winner.

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Last November, This Is Us star Mandy Moore walked down the aisle in a blush pink wedding dress that defied the typical white wedding gown tradition, and fans became instantly obsessed with the look. I mean, talk about a walk to remember. Well,…

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8 Alternatives To Church Weddings If You're Not That Religious, Because You Have Options

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Choosing the perfect location to say "I do" is not a decision that most people take lightly — and TBH, considering how important of an occasion it is, it's easy to see why. This can be especially true for people who aren't particularly religious and…