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The Walking Dead Just Promised A Crossover With Fear The Walking Dead And We're Screaming

ByAni Bundel
The Walking Dead panel was the climax of New York Comic Con's Saturday panel line up, closing out a long day at Madison Square Garden. The hour included things like a video retrospective of the past seven seasons, and a clip from the forthcoming…

Experience 'The Walking Dead' Escape

ByEddie Cuffin
For all you 'Walking Dead' fans out there, we have some good news for you. As many of you know Season 3 is about to wrap up. The season is projected to end at the end of March. Leaving you to wait another whole year until season 4 to get your fix.…

New Fan Theory Says 'The Walking Dead' Is The Sequel To 'Breaking Bad'

ByHope Schreiber
A new fan theory has cropped up that links two of the greatest shows ever to grace television: "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad." While it is a bit of a stretch, it's still incredibly creative and extremely compelling. There are four key links…

Things Don’t Look Good For Ezekiel On ‘The Walking Dead’

ByLilli Petersen
The Walking Dead sure does love its cliffhangers. A character death is always a surefire way to keep fans on edge, but why limit yourself to only one death when you can up the suspense and maybe kill off a bunch of people — or maybe not. And that’s…

The Latest Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Made People Go Totally Insane

ByEitan Levine
SPOILERS! TURN THE EFF AROUND IF YOU DIDN'T SEE LAST NIGHT'S "THE WALKING DEAD"! YOU'VE . . . . BEEN . . . WARNED . . . Glenn is dead. I KNOW! I EFFING KNOW! Kind, brave, resourceful, loving,…

'The Walking Dead' Graphic Season 7 Trailer Might Reveal Negan Kills Daryl

ByOliver McAteer
Every "Walking Dead" fan has just started to live their lives again, and now AMC has gone and dropped a mammoth teaser trailer for season 7. It throws new light on who Negan killed during the cliffhanger that still has everyone guessing. So many…

The Next Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Is Going To Be An Emotional Roller Coaster

ByClaire Spellberg
RIP, Carl. After a super eventful midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, we're left mourning our favorite young hero, played for eight seasons by Chandler Riggs. But don't stay down for too long: The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10 promo is here,…

The Final Battle Between Rick & The Saviors On 'The Walking Dead' Had An Epic Twist

ByShelby Black
Were any of us really prepared for this The Walking Dead finale? I highly doubt it. We all knew we could expect a serious showdown in this final episode of Season 8, but the fight scene between Rick and the Saviors on The Walking Dead's Season 8…

Guy Allegedly Kills His Friend After Binge-Watching 'The Walking Dead'

ByGillian Fuller
A New Mexico man was arrested on Thursday after killing a friend to prevent him from turning into a zombie. The assailant, 23-year-old Damon Perry, had reportedly been binge-watching "The Walking Dead." According to a report filed by the Grants, New…

'The Walking Dead’ Brought Back Someone You Thought Was Dead & Twitter Is Freaking

ByLilli Petersen
After the utter roller coaster of emotion that was Episode 2 of The Walking Dead — not to mention last week’s Season 8 premiere — fans have been seriously worried about character deaths. But while the warily anticipated deaths didn’t happen this…

A Major Character Is Officially Leaving 'The Walking Dead,' Here's Everything We Know

ByAni Bundel
When The Walking Dead returns this coming fall to AMC, it will be able to finally say it bested its rival Game of Thrones, running for nine seasons in comparison to the Westerosi drama's eight. The two shows have been compared since they first…

This Might Be The Most Heartbreaking ‘The Walking Dead’ Death & Everyone’s Freaking

ByBernadette Deron
The Walking Dead fans were definitely spooked for a long minute during the show's fourth episode of the season. King Ezekiel and his team ended up getting ambushed and we were left with a cliffhanger last week, not knowing whether Ezekiel would make…

'The Walking Dead' Got Owned By John Cleese's Savage Synopsis

ByTim McGovern
If it turns out living comedic legend John Cleese is truly (deeply) a "Walking Dead" fan, he should definitely do a sketch about the Ministry of Silly Walkers. That just has to happen. If you haven't caught up on "The Walking Dead" by now, I'd…

'The Walking Dead' Tribute To George Romero Was An Emotional End To The Season 8 Premiere

ByAlana Altmann
“Without George A. Romero, there is no Walking Dead,” The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman wrote following Romero's death in July. Director George A. Romero is considered the father of the zombie movie, so it's only fitting that the hit AMC…

Negan Has A New Plan On 'The Walking Dead' & It Could Be A Game Changer

ByBernadette Deron
AMC's The Walking Dead just took a major turn in the narrative of this season. In the final few minutes of Season 8 Episode 11, leader of the Saviors, Negan, announced to his crew that they would be using a completely new tactic in their plot…

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Is Almost Over, So Here's What You Should Know About Season 9

ByAni Bundel
The Walking Dead shuffles on to the season finale this coming Sunday, April 15. The show, which has hit a rough patch with fans after deviating from the comics and killing off Carl at the beginning of the second half of the season, got back on track…

This Character’s Return Proves The War Is Getting Real On ‘The Walking Dead’

ByLilli Petersen
On Sunday night, fans of The Walking Dead freaked out at the return of a character that had been gone so long that it hadn’t even occurred to anyone to wonder whether or not he was dead, everyone just assumed that he was. But when Morales returned…

King Ezekiel's Tiger Was The Only Highlight Of Last Night's 'Walking Dead'

ByEitan Levine
Welcome to "The Walking Dead" mishpucha, King Ezekiel. It's been a full week since Negan's “batting practice” scene during the season seven premiere, and the internet still seems pretty pissed at the show's creators. It was a plot move that was…

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Honored John Bernecker At The End Of The Season 8 Premiere

ByDylan Kickham
The Walking Dead viewers are used to completely depressing moments, but the show's Season 8 premiere on Sunday night ended on a particularly heart-rending, all-too-real moment, which was not even part of the zombified world of the AMC drama. The new…

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Is Going On A Holiday Break & Here's When It Returns

ByAlana Altmann
It's happening, guys. We're in that dreaded time of year where a lot of TV's best shows go on a hiatus for winter break. It just comes with the holiday territory. Go ahead, spend time with the people you love, indulge in seasonal cheer, get festive,…

'The Walking Dead’s Mid Season 8 Finale Promised Something “Shocking” & Twitter Is Shook

ByLilli Petersen
The Walking Dead, why do you do this to us? The upcoming Episode 8 of Season 8, “How It’s Gotta Be,” aired its promotional trailer on Sunday night immediately after Episode 7 "Time For After", and already fans are terrified. Tweets about The Walking…

The War Is Coming To A Head On Next Week's 'The Walking Dead' & I'm So Nervous

ByShelby Black
The Walking Dead audiences are gearing up for arguably the biggest showdown in history. As the season finale draws closer, we can expect an all out battle between the Saviors and Rick's crew. Plus, with the discovery of infection as a weapon of war,…

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Worried About Carl On ‘The Walking Dead’

BySamantha Rullo
For a while there, it seemed like no one important would die in The Walking Dead Season 8 midseason finale. Sure, the death count was rising, but it was mostly filled with Saviors and tertiary-at-best characters (I'm looking at you, Neil). But then,…

People Are Pissed Over This 'Racist' T-Shirt From 'The Walking Dead'

ByEitan Levine
Did a clothing distributor cross the line with its latest "The Walking Dead" T-shirt or is this just a case of PC culture overstepping? Primark is in some hot water after it was forced to remove a T-shirt from stores that referenced a scene from…

Rick & Jadis Had The Most Epic Fight Scene On ‘TWD’ & Twitter Is Loving It

ByBernadette Deron
We're nearing the mid-point of this season of The Walking Dead, but this show is not slowing down anytime soon. We left off Rick in Episode 6 of the series as a stripped down prisoner of head Scavenger, Jadis. But in Episode 7 of Season 8, "Time For…

Eric’s Fate On ‘The Walking Dead’ Has The Internet Sobbing

ByBernadette Deron
In a show full of deaths, this week's The Walking Dead saw one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the show's history. After Eric Raleigh of Alexandria was shot during a raid on a Savior outpost, his boyfriend Aaron took him by a tree to rest,…

The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere Has Everyone Wondering About This Character

ByAni Bundel
The Walking Dead opened tonight with a long set of speeches by the new leaders of the three joint communities of the The Militia: Alexandria, Hilltop Community, and The Kingdom. There were a whole lot of pretty words about joining together, about…

'The Walking Dead' Has Broken Us With This Midseason Premiere & No One Is OK

ByBernadette Deron
At long last, AMC's The Walking Dead has finally returned for the second half of the show's eighth season. Knowing that this week's episode was technically a "premiere" episode, fans knew to expect something major to happen. Although, when does…

'The Walking Dead' Is About To Give Fans The All Out War They Were Promised

ByBernadette Deron
So we didn't exactly get anything seriously crazy out of tonight's episode ofThe Walking Dead but that doesn't mean it was any less exciting than the rest. We only have a couple of more episodes left if the season, this "All Out War" is definitely…

The Next Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Has Me So Scared For The Hilltop

ByLilli Petersen
The ongoing “All Out War” on The Walking Dead is hitting new heights. With everyone’s favorite baby Grimes, Carl, now out for the count after the Season 8 mid-season premiere, it looks like Rick has nothing left to lose. After a shouting match (via…

'The Walking Dead' Might Have Killed Off This Fan Fave & Twitter Is Screaming

ByBernadette Deron
Season 8 of The Walking Dead was dubbed the "All Out War" season, so fans knew to expect a pretty high body count as each episode followed the next. And speaking personally, the season finale on April 15 exceeded my expectations in terms of the…

This Could Be The Most Heartbreaking Death Yet On ‘The Walking Dead’

ByBernadette Deron
The Walking Dead midseason finale has finally come upon us, and before it aired, we were all terrified. So when we began the "How It's Gotta Be" mid-season finale, we knew that there were gonna be lots of shocking surprises and a ton of…

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Really Want 'Walking Dead' Fans To Suck It Up

ByAnna Menta
What's wrong, "The Walking Dead" fans? Did you witness a little violence in the season seven premiere last night? Did your favorite character get beaten death? Were you totally caught off guard? Gee, that sure does sound really tough you…

Carl’s Fate On ‘The Walking Dead’ Has Everyone On Twitter Sobbing

ByLilli Petersen
We were promised heartbreak in The Walking Dead’s midseason finale, and boy, did we ever get it. In the final minutes of the episode, "How It's Gotta Be," we saw one of the few people that we all thought was safe get bit. And oh no. Already, tweets…

Fans Are Emotionally Shook Over 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Premiere

ByBernadette Deron
Fans of The Walking Dead have waited long enough for the return of their favorite show, and Sunday night was the triumphant midseason premiere episode that we've all been waiting for. At long last, everyone's favorite zombie apocalypse program has…

Snooki Posted A 'Walking Dead' Spoiler And Now Everyone's Pissed At Her

ByEitan Levine
DA'EFF YOU DOIN, SNOOK?!?!? Big stuff happened in “The Walking Dead” this week. BIG, awful stuff. I would tell you what that big, awful stuff was, but it may ruin it for you if you haven't seen this past week's episode yet, and I'm not a soulless,…

Morgan’s Vision In ‘The Walking Dead' Featured An Old Favorite Enemy

ByChelsea Stewart
On March 25, the 13th episode of The Walking Dead's eighth season aired, and things got pretty creepy, to say the least. I know that's pretty usual for the show, except this time, in addition to bloodsucking walkers and gruesome battles, one…

’The Walking Dead’s Midseason Finale Had People Freaking Out From Minute One

ByLilli Petersen
The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was always going to be a doozy. Even before the episode aired, fans were chewing their nails and worrying about who might die, what might happen, and whether or not their faves would get to see the credits…

We Finally Got Negan’s Backstory On ‘The Walking Dead’ & Fans Are Thrilled

ByBernadette Deron
Fans of The Walking Dead have finally gotten some answers they've been waiting for on the latest episode of the series. In Episode 5 of Season 8, "The Big Scary U," the details of Negan's backstory became a bit clearer. Fans have said for years that…

Here Are All The Deaths From ’The Walking Dead’s Midseason Finale, Both Good & Bad

ByLilli Petersen
We knew it was gonna be bad. We knew it was going to be rough. And we knew there were going to be deaths happening on the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. But at least for the first half of the episode, it looked like it was mostly the baddies…

Eerie Pic Released Of Man Walking Where Girls' Bodies Found After Last Snapchat

ByAmanda Fama
Police have released suspicious photos of an unidentified man walking in the same area where the bodies of two teenage girls were found dead. Liberty German, 13, and Abigail Williams, 14, were dropped off by a family member to hike the Delphi…

Rick & Negan Finally Had A Showdown On 'The Walking Dead' & Twitter Is Screaming

ByBernadette Deron
As this season of The Walking Dead is winding down, fans are sure to get what the "All Our War" has promised us from the start. In tonight's Season 8 Episode 12 installment of the series, we didn't exactly get the blood and gore that's generally…

‘The Walking Dead’s Midseason 8 Premiere Trailer Has Us So Pumped

ByBernadette Deron
When it's December, you know that means one of two things: the holiday season is officially in full swing, and many of our favorite cable TV shows are about to go on a hiatus. And unfortunately, for The Walking Dead fans, that portion of a TV show…

Chandler Riggs' 'Walking Dead' Contract Gives Us A Clue If Carl's Gone For Good

ByAni Bundel
Ever since AMC premiered The Walking Dead, the fan loyalty to their series has been through the roof. But ever since Season 7, when the show killed off both fan favorites Glenn and Abraham Ford, fans have slowly begun to turn away. That fan rage got…

The Final Battle Is Coming On 'The Walking Dead's Season 8 Finale & I'm So Pumped

ByBernadette Deron
The Walking Dead promised fans an "All Out War" for Season 8. And even though not every episode has been as bloody and gruesome as that tagline for the season may suggest, the war between Rick Grimes and Negan has definitely been ramping up. The…

What Does That 'Walking Dead' Flashforward Scene Mean? Here's What We Know About The Season 8 Premiere

ByAni Bundel
In the middle of The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere, as the tensions ran the highest they had all hour with the first mano-a-mano between Rick and Negan, the oddest thing happened. We suddenly had a cross cut scene, one that featured Rick Grimes a…

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere Has Twitter Very Confused

ByLilli Petersen
Fans of The Walking Dead can tell you it’s a complicated show (I mean, yes, I suppose you can boil it down to people versus zombies, but there’s a lot more to it). Which is why when The Walking Dead Season 8 premiered on Oct. 22, everyone was ready…

Can We Please Turn 'The Walking Dead' Into A Zombie-Themed 'Real Housewives'?

ByEitan Levine
Season seven episode three of "The Walking Dead" ("The Cell") continues right where episode two left off: building to a bigger story without actually moving anything forward. This isn't a bad thing. It's more of a TV plot occupational hazard than…

Rick's Flashback To Carl On 'TWD's Season Finale Is Giving Fans All The Feels

ByBernadette Deron
The Walking Dead fans have dealt with a lot of heartbreaking losses throughout the "All Out War" season. But I think we can all agree that the worst one of all was definitely Carl Grimes, who unfortunately left us during the midpoint of the season.…

We Might Be About To See Rick & Negan Fight Face To Face On 'The Walking Dead'

ByBernadette Deron
This season of The Walking Dead hasn't been without its major shocking moments and deaths. But in the last couple of minutes of Season 8 Episode 11, the plot truly thickened. Negan has apparently discovered a new tactic that the Saviors can use…