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  • The Proposal


    When writer Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend of five months, she expected to have a good time, not a public proposal in front of thousands of screaming fans. Nikole knows it's not right and says no... Also at the game is Carlos Ibarra, who comes to Nik’s rescue and rushes her away from the camera crew and the booing crowds. When the video goes viral and Nik is attacked on social media, she leans on Carlos for support. The two form a friendship that quickly turns into a passionate rebound, and Nik assumes that a handsome doctor like Carlos isn't looking for anything serious. But when their glorified hookups start breaking the rules, one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes.

  • The Wedding Date


    Samantha Jenkins is thrilled to be the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding, but there are three problems. Her ex-boyfriend, Liam, will be the best man, his new girlfriend is pregnant with their baby, and everyone thinks Sam has a new boyfriend. Which she does not. So, Sam does the only sensible thing in her mind and hires a professional to pose as her new love. She finds charming actor Jake Porter to play her man and he plays the part to perfection. Everyone believes they are truly in love, but as the wedding draws closer, Sam begins to worry he might not actually be acting.

  • The Perfect Scarf ™


    When it's cold outside, your bestie piles on the scarves for ultimate coziness. There's no doubt she'll love this super adorable, bright scarf from Etsy that's dubbed the "Perfect Scarf."

  • The Writer White


    Bring back those vintage vibes with a fun letter board from Letterfolk. This statement piece is sure to grab everyone's attention. The size also ensures that your guests won't miss everything that they're being served.

  • The Kiss Quotient


    Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that makes sense in the entire world. In fact, she's created a career out of generating algorithms to predict customer purchases, which means she has all the money she could ever spend, but zero life experience. Stella has Asperger's and the thought of French kissing someone makes her queasy. In her practical way, she needs professional help and hires escort Michael Phan to teach her everything she needs to know. Before long, Stella not only learns to like Michael's kisses, but starts to fall for all the other things he's making her feel. Their logistical arrangement starts making a strange kind of sense, and Stella begins to believe that love just might be logical after all.

  • The handmaid's Tale Costume

    For those that will be spending their Halloween night at a costume party secretly wishing they were home binge-watching The Handsmaid's Tale, you can at least dress like Ofglen thanks to this costume from Etsy that comes with a red bonnet cloak and dress, just like the class of Handsmaids.

  • The Centerfold Garment Sleeve


    If your dad travels for business a lot, chances are, he's in need of a garment bag to keep his suits and formal wear neat and tidy. Though this garment bag is made to work with Away's luggage (you can choose which luggage you need it to work with), you can also clip it into other suitcases that have interior straps, or just use it as a garment protector. It's water-resistant to protect dad's clothes from any toiletry accidents that might happen in transit.

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The Top 2019 Hair Trends Are Lazy-Girl Approved & So, So Easy To Do, According To Hairstylists

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Here's The Truth About If Your Relationship Is OK If Your SO Can Never Tell When You're Upset

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We all have private thoughts — it's part of being human. But when you're in a serious relationship, sometimes it feels like you're not only finishing each other's sentences, but reading each other's minds, too. However, this may not be the case for…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Returning To 'Supernatural' After 11 Years Off The Show

BySarah Halle Corey
With a show that's been on the air as long as Supernatural has, characters come and go all the time. But as the CW series celebrates its 14th season, it's bringing back some old fan favorites. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Supernatural for the…

8 Date Ideas That Double As Self-Care, Because You Both Deserve To Treat Yo Selves

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Everyone needs a little R&R sometimes, even lovebirds in relationships. If you and bae are overworked, unrested, spread a little too thin, or just feeling like you can't even, you might be looking for date ideas that double as self-care. Taking care…

New Research Revealed The Best Foods To Eat For Your Heart Health & They're Sooo Tasty

ByJordan Bissell
Although I've dabbled in veganism, vegetarianism, and even enjoyed a brief stint of avoiding gluten, for some reason I've never taken the time to see how following the Mediterranean diet might work for my body. Honestly, that's kind of surprising,…

The 'Mary Poppins Returns' Ratings Are Here & It’s A Jolly Holiday With Mary

ByAni Bundel
Since 2015, Disney has owned the box office from the weekend before Christmas through to New Years with a trio of hits: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This year marks the first time there…

Here's The Truth About If Your Relationship Is OK If Your SO Never Introduces You To Their Parents

ByRebecca Strong
Meeting the parents has never been something I take lightly in my relationships. It’s equally important to me that I win my partner’s family over as it is that mine doesn’t totally scare them off. And I’ve crossed this milestone on a variety of…

The Deadline For A Government Shutdown Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

ByShelby Black
Just when we all thought 2018 might end peacefully, we couldn't have been more wrong. Over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump has been threatening to shut down the government in order to gain funding for his infamous border wall. At first,…

Crust Me, You'll Get Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Glamlite's Pizza Palette When You See It

ByBella Gerard
Hello, I'm here today to talk about a very serious topic: the combination of all things good in this world, aka pizza and makeup. My two essentials have become one thanks to the Glamlite pizza eyeshadow palette that's taking over Instagram, and if…

6 Romantic Date Ideas If Your Bae Is Visiting Your Hometown For The Holidays

ByTayi Sanusi
For many of us, the holidays mean that it's time to head back home for some much-needed family time. If you've got a special someone in your life, the holidays are also the perfect chance for them to get to know your family on a deeper level. Since…

How Meghan Markle Reportedly Feels About The Royal Drama Rumors Is So Understandable

ByTara Martinez
There’s reportedly been a lot of drama surrounding Meghan Markle lately. With so many rumors going around about how difficult Meghan allegedly is to work with and her supposed feud with Kate Middleton, this hasn’t been an easy time for the Duchess…

You Can Get A Grande Nacho Cheese Burrito For $1 On Taco Bell's Newest Menu

ByLizzy Rosenberg
In a society where good food can be extremely pricey (I'm looking at you, $10 avocado toast), one of life's most sacred treasures is an inexpensive (and a super delicious) burrito. I'm not asking for much — that's really all I need. And if you feel…

If You Can't Bring Yourself To Unfollow Your Ex, Here's What Experts Say That Might Mean

ByRachel Shatto
Sometimes I briefly — and I mean briefly — consider following my exes on social media. I have a moment of curiosity where I wonder, first of all, if they would follow me back, but also just what they're up to! Then I remember all the reasons why I…

4 Amazing Things That Happen The First Time You Return To Your Study Abroad City

ByMarisa Casciano
How long has it been since the semester you studied abroad? Let me guess: It feels like forever. On the one hand, you can't believe that so much time has passed since you touched back down at the airport after living in another country for four or…

The 1 Thing These Couples’ Therapists Tell Clients About Getting Over An Ex Is Too Real

ByTayi Sanusi
Breakups can be extremely hard to grapple with, no matter how things between you and your ex ended. If you haven't been able to move on, regardless of how long it's been, try not to beat yourself up. It's totally normal to take as long as you need…

7 Perfect Gifts For The Non-Morning Person In Your Life, Because The Struggle's Real

ByKristin Corpuz
Ah, mornings. It's safe to say I don't get along with them, and probably never will. I set myself a minimum of five alarms every single day, because I know that I will hit snooze on the first few. If I have an early flight, I'd much rather stay up…

Jennifer Grey Has Officially Joined The 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Cast

ByAni Bundel
Grey's Anatomy is on hiatus for the holidays, but not for long. ABC's block of Shondaland shows are due to return on Jan. 17, a nice middle of the month spot, comfortably tucked between new shows that need to rush back to keep audience attention and…

These Are The 2019 Skincare Trends You Should Know About If Your Skin Is Ready For A Glow-Up

ByDaley Quinn
I’ve never really been the type to hop onto fashion trends each year — I know my style, and I stick with it (florals and faux-leather, in case you were wondering). Beauty trends, on the other hand, are just too tempting to avoid. There are some 2019…

This Royal Tradition May Keep Harry & Meghan Apart On Christmas Morning

ByCandice Jalili
For people who practice Christmas, Christmas morning is a pretty big deal. You wake up early in the morning and enjoy the pleasure of opening all the gifts under the tree alongside your entire family. One of life's greatest pleasures, as far as I'm…

Here’s Where You Might Be More Likely To Catch A Cold, According To Science

ByJordan Bissell
If you ride the subway on the reg, then you know there are some unspoken, yet generally agreed-upon rules: no manspreading, don't eat anything too pungent, and don't rub up against people, just to name a few. At rush hour, though, when everyone is…

30 Eggnog Instagram Captions For Every Eggcellent Sip This Season

ByRachel Chapman
Eggnog may not be everyone's drink of choice this time of year, but I personally can't get enough of it. When it's eggnog season, I make it my mission to drink as many variations of it as I possibly can. And if you're a 'nog lover like me, you might…

The One Ingredient You Need To Start Using In The Kitchen In 2019, According To Experts

ByJulia Guerra
I’ve been keeping up with the many foods that health and wellness influencers swear by long before it was my job to write about them. And since 2019 is right around the corner, I’ve been scrolling through social media in search of the most…

The Possibility Of Indicting A President Is A Lot More Complicated Than It Seems

ByHannah Golden
On Wednesday, Dec. 12, as President Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, he implicated the president in crimes he allegedly committed during the 2016 presidential campaign. Though Trump…

You Can Fly To New York For $25 This Christmas, But You Better You Act Fast

ByLizzy Rosenberg
There are very few things I love more than showering my family and friends with Christmas presents during the holiday season. But sometimes, coming up with a high quality gift is difficult to do, especially if you're on a relatively strict budget…

Ulta's Holiday Beauty Blitz Sale Is Only Getting Started & This Week's Deals Are Fire

ByAriana Marsh
If you're a product junkie then chances are you like to get in on all of the savings imaginable when it comes to cult-favorite brands. A huge annual holiday savings event is actually going on right now, so if you've been wondering, "When does Ulta's…

This Is The Weird Legal Gray Area Everyone's Talking About After Cohen's Sentencing

ByShelby Black
The week of Dec. 10 has certainly seen its fair share of drama. From guilty pleas to angry tweets, Michael Cohen's latest sentencing has everyone asking, what is an unindicted co-conspirator? Well, it has to do with President Donald Trump's future,…

This Is How Seasonal Affective Disorder Can Affect Your Sex Life, According To Experts

ByTheresa Holland
Yeah, it's the holiday season and all, but that doesn't mean you're feeling holly-jolly. It's not uncommon to feel low during the cold, dark months of the year. Seasonal affective disorder could be to blame, and it can make this season super…

Hailee Steinfeld & Niall Horan Have Reportedly Broken Up & I’m Crying

ByRachel Shatto
Looks like Hailee Steinfeld is going to need a new date for Christmas this year (can I be first in line, please?), because it looks like there are reports that her rumored relationship with former One Direction singer Niall Horan is over. If right…

STOP EVERYTHING, Emma Watson Just Posted A Photo Of The 'Little Women' Cast

BySarah Halle Corey
Little Women has always been ultimate goals: It's the story of four strong, unique women who battle life's ups and downs while nurturing their friendships with each other. It was like Sex and the City or Girls before the concept of "ladies' night"…

You Can Visit Stars Hollow From 'Gilmore Girls' This Holiday & Have Lunch At Lorelai's

ByRachel Chapman
If you've dreamed of strolling through Stars Hollow, just like Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, Christmas might have come early for you this year. You can have lunch at Lorelai's this holiday season, and live out your Gilmore Girls dreams. For a limited…

6 Flirty Texts To Send Your Crush On NYE 2018, Because Fireworks Won’t Be The Only Sparks

ByKorey Lane
I don't care how many cheesy Christmas movies you've seen, or whether or not you believe in true love — there really is just something about the holidays that makes everything seem super romantic. Maybe it's the lights on the Christmas trees, or the…

The Promo For The Next Episode Of 'A Million Little Things' Is Extremely Intense

ByKristen Perrone
If you still thought that A Million Little Things is a slow and gentle drama about loss and life, the footage for the second half of its season will definitely prove you wrong. Although the series has veered on the slower side in recent weeks, the A…

This Is How Meditation Can Change The Way You Handle Stress, According To Science

ByGeorgina Berbari
How do you respond to negative, stressful situations? Honestly, it's hard not to let it affect you when things don't go the way you planned, but then again, you always have the power to choose how you respond to less-than-ideal circumstances — and…

Amy Schumer's Le Cloud Clothing Line Just Dropped, & Here's Where To Buy It Before It Sells Out

ByBella Gerard
When Amy Schumer announced she was working on a clothing line, I immediately knew she was about to drop some of the comfiest, cutest looks on the market. If you, too, knew you were destined to love her stuff before even seeing the items, you're…

Everyone's Calling Trump A Grinch For Canceling The White House Press Christmas Party

ByDaniella Bondar
The trees are decorated, the lights are up, the eggnog is spiked, and the holiday cheer is upon us — unless you're a journalist who thought you'd score an invite to the White House this Christmas. For decades the president has hosted a Christmas…

The New Clip Of Ariana Grande's Song "Imagine" Has Fans Wondering If It's About Mac Miller

ByKaren Ruffini
Does Ariana Grande ever rest? The answer seems to be no. Not even half a year has past since her Sweetener album was released, and she's already on to the next, offering her fans samplings of new music. But whereas Sweetener was focused on…

Donald Trump Is Reportedly Spending Christmas At Mar-A-Lago, So That's Fine

ByShelby Black
Happy holidays everyone! Well, maybe not quite yet, but close enough. As 2018 comes to a quick close, many of us can't wait to reunite with family and spend the holiday season relaxing with loved ones. Well, it looks like one particular world leader…

Science Says Having A View Of This One Thing Outside Your Window Can Benefit Your Health

ByAnnakeara Stinson
You have to admit, even if you live in a place you really love, if you look outside your window and all you see is a parking lot or the back of a restaurant, it's not the most inspiring view in the world. It might even be a little on the depressing…

7 Things Only Millennials Understand About Shopping During The Holidays

ByMarisa Casciano
Will the millennials who are shopping for presents right now please stand up? Yes, I'm talking about you over there, with a bunch of tabs open on your browser, as you look through gift guides and the trending products from various stores. Per usual,…

What Rachel Lindsay Said About Sex With Bryan Abasolo Will Make Your Jaw Drop

ByCandice Jalili
Being a fan of a couple who met on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is different from being a fan of any other celebrity couple. Why? Well, because the fans of these particular couples have had the unique opportunity of watching the people's love…

The Top Travel Destination For 2019 Is So Dreamy & May Not Be What You'd Expect

ByMarisa Casciano
Going into the new year, you're making resolutions and setting new goals. You're pinky promising yourself that you'll finally learn another language, or get your passport renewed. You want to book plane tickets and dreamy accommodations around the…

Looks Like Melania Trump Made A Major Hair Change & Twitter's Comparing It To Donald Trump

ByAriana Marsh
It's not unusual for the First Lady of the United States to make headlines for what she's wearing. But for her beauty choices? That's something new. After watching the FLOTUS in an interview on Fox News yesterday, Twitter was left abuzz with the…

5 Revealing Questions To Ask On A First Date When You're Ready For Something Serious

ByRebecca Strong
Real talk: First-date fodder can be daunting AF. You know what’s even more challenging? Trying to suss out whether your date is down for something serious without coming off too intense. Sure, you’re trying to go with the flow and trust the process,…

Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Billy On The Street' Segment Will Make Your Day So Much Better

BySarah Halle Corey
The world can feel pretty heavy nowadays, with a near-constant stream of sad, scary news and Twitter feeds filled with fights and vitriol. But, there is one bright spot that we can always turn to, one beacon whose Twitter feed is full of hope and…

Here's What We Know About When Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Will Get Married

ByKelli Boyle
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got engaged long before Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got engaged, and they were still engaged at the time of Chopra and Jonas' wedding the weekend of Dec. 3. Now that they've been engaged for a little over a year, when…

These 'A Million Little Things' Theories About Jon & Ashley Could Explain Everything

ByKristen Perrone
This post contains spoilers for A Million Little Things. Welp, we can't say we didn't see that coming. At the end of its Dec. 12 episode, A Million Little Things finally confirmed that Jon and Ashley explored some kind of romantic relationship…

Beautyblender Just Expanded Their Bounce Foundation Shade Range & Said Even More Shades Are Coming

ByBella Gerard
As someone who uses the Bounce foundation on an almost daily basis, it's a product I often recommend to friends — and when doing so in regards to any product, I always stop to consider whether or not the item is available in my friends' shades. With…

12 Date Ideas For When You're Sick, But Really Don't Want To Miss Date Night

ByGriffin Wynne
Let me start by saying many of the grown men that I know will literally talk about "having a cold" like it's massive world news. They're two steps from making a Facebook life-event stating, "Has A Cold." I can't count the number of times I've had…

Ellen DeGeneres Revealed She's Considering Ending Her Talk Show Soon

ByDylan Kickham
After 15 years, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has solidified its place as one of the most popular shows on television, and an integral part of the pop culture landscape of the new millennium. It is hard to imagine the daily talk show coming to an end,…

You Can Skip Boarding Lines For Your Alaska Airlines Flight On National Ugly Sweater Day

ByLizzy Rosenberg
Traveling during the holidays can be, well, totally and utterly chaotic. Between unbelievably long lines and seemingly relentless crowds, there's no so-called "easy" way to get wherever you're going. But to lower your travel anxieties this holiday…