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How To Get Involved If You're Worried About The Refugee Crisis Under Trump

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear he opposes accepting more refugees -- especially Syrian refugees -- and frequently attempts to paint them as potential terrorists. Trump has described Syrian refugees as a "Trojan horse," and his…

Alicia Keys' Powerful New Video Puts The Refugee Crisis Into Perspective

ByJohn Haltiwanger
What would it be like if a civil war suddenly consumed the US, displacing millions of Americans and forcing them to flee to neighboring countries? In other words, what would an American refugee look like? A powerful new video starring Alicia Keys…

How America Is Basically Ignoring The Worst Refugee Crisis Of Our Era

ByJohn Haltiwanger
WARNING: This article contains disturbing images.  A 3-year-old boy's dead body was found by a police officer on a beach in Turkey on Wednesday, another casualty of a devastating war that's claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives. Syria has been…

2-Year-Old Toddler Named 2016's First Victim Of The Refugee Crisis

ByJohn Haltiwanger
As Europe continues to contend with the worst refugee crisis since World War II, another refugee child died attempting to make the dangerous journey from Turkey to Greece. The child, a 2-year-old boy who remains unnamed, drowned off the coast of the…

Today Is World Refugee Day, So Here's What You Can Do To Help Children & Families

ByHannah Golden
A telling quote by Nelson Mandela is on one CEO's mind this week: "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." That's the case for Caryl Stern, head of the United Nations Children's Fund…

Woman's Brutally Honest HONY Post On Why No One Cares About Refugees Goes Viral

ByJohn Haltiwanger
We are currently witnessing the worst refugee crisis of our era, with 65.3 million forcibly displaced people and 21.3 million refugees worldwide. War, persecution and natural disasters, among other reasons, have pushed millions from their…

13-Year-Old Syrian Discusses The Refugee Crisis In A Compelling Video

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Sometimes, the wisest people among us are also the youngest, a fact exemplified in the poignant and powerful comments of a 13-year-old Syrian refugee named Kinan Masalmeh. Earlier this week, he was interviewed by Al Jazeera in Budapest, Hungary, and…

How Soccer's Biggest Teams Are Helping Solve Europe's Refugee Crisis

ByAdam Silvers
Facing its worst refugee crisis since World War II, Europe is searching for answers. Several hundred thousand displaced persons -- most of whom hail from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan -- have been forced from their homes as a result of war. They are…

There’s A Refugee Crisis Right Here In America That Nobody Is Talking About

ByJohn Haltiwanger
There's a refugee crisis occurring along the US border no one seems to be paying attention to. At the moment, when you hear the word "refugee" it likely conjures images of Syrians on plastic boats, desperate to reach Europe. The plight of these…

Kenya Is About To Devastate The Global Refugee Population

ByJohn Haltiwanger
In what's being condemned as an utterly inhumane and disastrous move, Kenya will soon close all of its refugee camps. This includes Dadaab, a camp along the Kenya-Somalia border, which stands as the largest refugee camp in the world with over…

Man Uses A Teddy Bear To Bring Awareness To The Refugee Crisis (Video)

ByEitan Levine
Armed with a teddy bear, a heartbreaking photo and a simple message, one filmmaker is hoping to shed some much-needed light on the refugee crisis. Writer and filmmaker Mario Garza's unique display featuring a teddy bear who “made it" to safety is…

M.I.A.'s New Music Video Shows You What The Refugee Crisis Looks Like (Video)

ByStacey Leasca
M.I.A. is looking to make a statement with her latest self-directed video for her song "Borders." In the video, the singer/rapper is seen singing in front of long lines of refugees, climbing fences and taking a boat crammed with dozens of others…

Military Says Climate Change Will Cause Refugee Crisis Of 'Epic Proportions'

ByAlec MacDonald
In the wake of Donald Trump's appointment of climate change deniers to his administration, and a chief of staff who has referred to climate change as "a bunch of bunk," senior military figures from around the world have begun to weigh in on the…

Banksy Used Steve Jobs To Make Compelling Statement On Refugee Crisis

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Banksy, the notorious graffiti artist, has never shied away from touching on politically charged or controversial issues through his work. He continued this streak with his latest piece, an image of Apple founder Steve Jobs sprayed on the wall of…

4 Women Who Are Making An Incredible Impact On The Refugee Crisis

ByCinnamon Janzer
With all the confusion and uncertainty swirling around the Syrian refugee crisis, it's pretty easy to start to feel like things are, well, hopeless. But that's not so. In fact, there are four super rad women out there in the world who are making…

This Baby Was 1 Of More Than 1,000 Killed This Week Due To The Refugee Crisis

ByAlexandra Svokos
WARNING: This article contains disturbing images. Over 1,000 people died or went missing in the Mediterranean Sea last week in attempts to reach Europe. The refugee crisis became mainstream news at the end of last summer, especially after the body…

What The US Should Be Doing To Help Europe Solve The Syrian Refugee Crisis

ByLayal Bishara
So, what’s really up with this refugee crisis, and why are Syrians fleeing? Throughout the course of history, there have been hundreds of civil wars and mass turmoil in countries all around the world. What makes the Syrian issue any different? Since…

M.I.A. Asked To Pull Video On Refugee Crisis Because Of Her Soccer Jersey

ByAdam Silvers
Pop star M.I.A. is at the center of a media storm after receiving a letter demanding she take down her "Borders" music video, which centers around the ongoing refugee crisis, from French soccer giant Paris Saint-Germain. In the video, M.I.A. is seen…

Any Little Bit Helps: 5 Ways to Support Syrian Refugees Around The World

ByMalone Ryan
The global refugee crisis has been described by the EU as the worst refugee crisis since World War II. The UN Refugee Agency reported in its annual "Global Trends Report: World At War" that 59.5 million people had been forcibly displaced at the end…

How The Syrian Refugee Crisis Can Unite Parents From All Nations

ByJulie Wheaton
When people around me talk about the injustices of the world, more often than not, it's done in a third person point of view. Most of us have not walked in the shoes of those making headlines. It becomes very easy to sigh deeply and move on with our…

Here's Why The Country Most Welcoming To Refugees Makes Absolutely No Sense

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Amnesty International recently surveyed 27,000 people regarding the global refugee crisis in 27 countries around the world, and made some surprising discoveries in the process. Ultimately, only around 17 percent of the respondents worldwide said…

The White House And Kickstarter Are Proving We Can All Help Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
There are currently around 60 million forcibly displaced people across the world. Close to 20 million of these individuals are refugees, the majority coming from Syria. War, violence, poverty, persecution and oppression have driven these people from…

'Game Of Thrones' Stars Slammed World Leaders After Powerful Visit With Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
The fantasy world of "Game of Thrones" is full of war, death, destruction and despair. Sadly, in the real world, these horrific trends are far too present as well, and they've contributed to the worst refugee crisis of our era. Now that season six…

Badass Photographer Calls Out The Media For Not Releasing Images Of Refugees

ByAlexandra Svokos
I started learning about the global refugee crisis because of photojournalist Lynsey Addario. Two years ago, The New York Times published a photo series by Addario of refugees in Sicily. I had heard about the rush of refugees crossing the…

The Trump Administration Is Slashing The Number Of Refugees In The U.S. Even More

ByHannah Golden
Though America is already combating serious issues on how to handle immigration and asylum, refugee admittance in the country is in no better shape under President Donald Trump. Adding to the maelstrom of policy changes coming out of Washington, the…

President Obama Plans To Take In At Least 10,000 Refugees In 2016

ByJohn Haltiwanger
On Thursday, the White House announced the United States will take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, The Hill reports. So far, the US only admitted around 1,500 Syrian refugees -- out of about four million in total. Accordingly, those who…

This Nonprofit Helps You Sponsor Refugees While Helping Them Get Educated

ByLina Sergie Attar
Eleen is a 9-year-old Syrian girl with wide brown eyes and a knowing smile. She lives with her family in the southern Turkish town of Reyhanlı, just a few miles away from the Syrian border. Eleen fled Syria two years ago. She has been displaced for…

Why Not Helping Refugees Actually Makes The World Less Safe

ByJohn Haltiwanger
If you're blaming refugees for the Paris attacks on Friday and saying it's proof we shouldn't be helping them, you're an assh*le. Sorry I'm not sorry for employing such language, but that attitude is not only inhumane, it's impractical. By using the…

This Ohio Community Is Bringing Refugees Together Over A Soccer Tournament

ByAlexandra Svokos
On Saturday, June 23, the local Cincinnati, Ohio community will converge on the soccer field at Xavier University where, for the fifth annual time, RefugeeConnect is hosting a World Refugee Day soccer tournament. Just as Belgium and Tunisia face off…

Lena Headey Writes Beautiful Open Letter About Falling In Love With Refugee

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Lena Headey might be cold and heartless as Cersei Lannister in "Game of Thrones," but she's clearly nothing like that in real life. Headey recently visited refugee camps in Greece alongside her co-stars, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Liam…

One Of Alan Rickman's Final Recordings Was This Video To Help Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
On Thursday, the acclaimed and beloved actor Alan Rickman died after a battle with cancer at the age of 69. As soon as the news broke, people immediately began expressing their sorrow over the loss of such a talented and dynamic person. Whether…

Angelina Jolie Has A Message About Refugees That We All Need To Hear

ByJohn Haltiwanger
March 15 marked five years since the war in Syria began. So far, it's estimated as many as 470,000 have been killed as a consequence of this brutal conflict. The war's displaced around 11 million Syrians, including around 4.8 million refugees. The…

Statistics Prove Rich Countries Are Barely Doing Anything To Help Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
There are 193 countries in the world, but just 10 of them host half of all the world's refugees, according to a new Amnesty International report. These 10 countries account for less than 2.5 percent of the global economy. Long story short, rich…

Ivanka Trump Goes Against Dad On Accepting Syrian Refugees In New Interview

ByJohn Haltiwanger
President Donald Trump has consistently demonized refugees, especially those from Syria. He's referred to Syrian refugees as "a great Trojan horse," painting them as potential terrorists in spite of the fact no refugees have carried out major fatal…

A Refugee Team Will Participate In The Rio Olympics This August

ByAdam Silvers
On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee gave the go-ahead for an all-refugee team to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics this August. According to reports, there are already 43 athletes lined up as potential candidates to compete on a team…

The Trump Admin Reportedly Might Get Rid Of The Office For Refugees, & Just, Ugh

ByDaniella Bondar
While the discussion over the United States' involvement in the world refugee crisis has become more heated, reports say that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might get rid of the office for refugees. If the public thought that President Donald…

'Humans Of NY' Uses Emotional Posts To Reveal The Humanity Of Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
The popular photoblog Humans of New York (HONY) garnered millions of fans by combining powerful photos with insightful and often humorous captions. Brandon Stanton, HONY's creator, helped illuminate the day-to-day lives of people often viewed as…

Girl's Letter Asking Trump To 'Save The Children' Of Syria Will Make You Sob

ByJohn Haltiwanger
President Donald Trump is planning to issue an executive order that will drastically reduce the number of refugees admitted to the US, which includes a 120-day suspension of all refugees and an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria. The executive…

Refugee Dad's Tragic Photo Of Son Lying Dead In Mud Has Whole World In Tears

ByJohn Haltiwanger
When people hear the word "refugee" these days, they often associate it with Syria. But a devastating image of a child lying face-down, dead in the mud, is a stark reminder the refugee crisis we're currently facing is global. The 16-month-old boy,…

Donald Trump Says If He Becomes President, He'll Force Out All Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
There's a plaque in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty engraved with words from Emma Lazarus' sonnet "The New Colossus." It reads, Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming…

Meet The Guy Who Went From Producing 'The Bachelor' To Documenting Refugees

ByJohn Haltiwanger
A lot of people end up in careers that make them miserable but stick around because they're comfortable and pay the bills. Andrew Kimmel, a 30-year-old from West Hollywood, is definitely familiar with this scenario. It wasn't long ago he was a…

Meet The Man Providing Free WiFi To Thousands Of Refugees In Greece

ByGillian Fuller
When refugees from the Middle East began piling in to the Idomeni refugee camp near his home in Thessaloniki, Greece, one man decided to put his technical knowledge to good use by installing free WiFi stations in the camp for displaced refugees to…

You've Seen This Woman A Thousand Times But Had No Idea She Was A Refugee

ByJohn Haltiwanger
If you watch TV with any consistency, you've probably seen actress and comedian Milana Vayntrub more times than you can count. She plays the quirky and affable Lily Adams character in a series of AT&T commercials. But you probably didn't know…

Barack Obama Finally Spoke Up On Immigration Policies & It's A Big Reality Check

ByNick Ciccone
Former president Barack Obama weighed in on the border crisis Wednesday, June 20, with a Facebook post asking people to imagine themselves in migrants' circumstances. Barack Obama's World Refugee Day post is a big reality check on immigration…

Viral Video Capturing Brutal Life Of Child Brides Is Breaking Internet's Heart

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Over 100 girls in Ireland recently took part in a viral video that has a chilling message about the plight of refugees. The girls participated in a mannequin challenge on South King Street in Dublin that highlighted the fact that many young female…

Here's What The 'Dear Fat People' Woman Thinks About Syrian Refugees (Video)

ByEitan Levine
That woman from the “Dear Fat People” video is back, and this time,*sigh* she's talking about the Syrian refugee crisis *sigh* for some effing reason. Technically, yes, at the end of the day, I agree with Nicole Arbour on the refugee crisis and how…

13 Images Of Germans Welcoming Refugees To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

ByJohn Haltiwanger
When images of Aylan Kurdi's lifeless body washed ashore on a Turkish beach went viral last week, much of the world was hit right in the gut. Kurdi was a 3-year-old boy from Syria. He's one of the 2,500 people who died this year attempting to cross…

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Young Refugee Who Was Tripped By Camerawoman

ByJoseph Milord
Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, a young refugee's dreams came true after just weeks after being at the center of a nightmarish episode. Ronaldo walked into the iconic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on Saturday with Zied (also reported as Zaid) Al-Mohsen, a…

Hungary Plans To Seal Border With Croatia To Stop The Flow Of Refugees

ByAlexandra Svokos
Hungry is sealing its border with Croatia to prevent refugees from entering, the country's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto announced on Friday. The country is doing so, Szijjarto said, because the European Union has yet to set a complete plan for…

American Millionaire Uses His Assets To Save Refugees Headed For Europe

ByJohn Haltiwanger
Thousands upon thousands of refugees are attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea and enter Europe. According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), over 300,000 refugees and migrants made the perilous crossing in 2015 alone. In the process, it's…