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  • The Proposal


    When writer Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend of five months, she expected to have a good time, not a public proposal in front of thousands of screaming fans. Nikole knows it's not right and says no... Also at the game is Carlos Ibarra, who comes to Nik’s rescue and rushes her away from the camera crew and the booing crowds. When the video goes viral and Nik is attacked on social media, she leans on Carlos for support. The two form a friendship that quickly turns into a passionate rebound, and Nik assumes that a handsome doctor like Carlos isn't looking for anything serious. But when their glorified hookups start breaking the rules, one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes.

  • The Wedding Date


    Samantha Jenkins is thrilled to be the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding, but there are three problems. Her ex-boyfriend, Liam, will be the best man, his new girlfriend is pregnant with their baby, and everyone thinks Sam has a new boyfriend. Which she does not. So, Sam does the only sensible thing in her mind and hires a professional to pose as her new love. She finds charming actor Jake Porter to play her man and he plays the part to perfection. Everyone believes they are truly in love, but as the wedding draws closer, Sam begins to worry he might not actually be acting.

  • The Perfect Scarf ™


    When it's cold outside, your bestie piles on the scarves for ultimate coziness. There's no doubt she'll love this super adorable, bright scarf from Etsy that's dubbed the "Perfect Scarf."

  • The Writer White


    Bring back those vintage vibes with a fun letter board from Letterfolk. This statement piece is sure to grab everyone's attention. The size also ensures that your guests won't miss everything that they're being served.

  • The Kiss Quotient


    Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that makes sense in the entire world. In fact, she's created a career out of generating algorithms to predict customer purchases, which means she has all the money she could ever spend, but zero life experience. Stella has Asperger's and the thought of French kissing someone makes her queasy. In her practical way, she needs professional help and hires escort Michael Phan to teach her everything she needs to know. Before long, Stella not only learns to like Michael's kisses, but starts to fall for all the other things he's making her feel. Their logistical arrangement starts making a strange kind of sense, and Stella begins to believe that love just might be logical after all.

  • The handmaid's Tale Costume

    For those that will be spending their Halloween night at a costume party secretly wishing they were home binge-watching The Handsmaid's Tale, you can at least dress like Ofglen thanks to this costume from Etsy that comes with a red bonnet cloak and dress, just like the class of Handsmaids.

  • The Centerfold Garment Sleeve


    If your dad travels for business a lot, chances are, he's in need of a garment bag to keep his suits and formal wear neat and tidy. Though this garment bag is made to work with Away's luggage (you can choose which luggage you need it to work with), you can also clip it into other suitcases that have interior straps, or just use it as a garment protector. It's water-resistant to protect dad's clothes from any toiletry accidents that might happen in transit.

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Instagram's 2018 Year In Review Results Further Prove BTS Totally Dominated The World

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The end of 2018 is quickly approaching, and I for one would like to know where the heck this year went? Seriously, how the hell are we already approaching 2019? I thought 2016 was last week! However the hell we got here, now is the time that all of…

Here's When Fans Can Expect To See A New 'Manifest' Episode In 2019

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The mid-season finale of Manifest was a shocker, causing more than a few relationships to realign. Though Ben and Michaela were ultimately successful in freeing the hostage passengers from the United Dynamic Systems labs experimenting on them for…

Here's How You Should Spend Christmas Morning, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Christmas morning is such a magical and nostalgic time. It's easy to feel like a child again amidst all the gifting and generosity and warmth and festivity that the holiday season brings. While everyone has their own traditions, you might be…

Working Out Can Spark Creativity In The Most Fascinating Ways, According To A New Survey

ByAnnakeara Stinson
Have you ever been on a run or in a dance class, and suddenly you have a really creative, brilliant idea? I have, for sure. There have been times I've been working on a story and I can't figure out what to do next, but then it just comes to me while…

Kendall Jenner's Secret Admirer Has Been Revealed, But It Wasn't Harry Styles

ByTara Martinez
Kendall Jenner fans have been running wild with theories the past couple of days trying to figure out who her secret admirer is. While many were totally convinced that the love letter Jenner posted to her Instagram Story on Monday, Dec. 10 was sent…

That Wild Last Shot From 'Riverdale' Season 3 Midseason Finale Left Fans Screaming

ByDylan Kickham
Everything is finally coming together on Riverdale... I think? All season long, the teen drama has thrown fans for a loop with a million seemingly disconnected storylines. Prison? A masked killer? An evil board game? A cult? The mafia? How is it all…

'Riverdale' Revealed Who Created Gryphons & Gargoyles, So We're Finally Getting Answers

ByDylan Kickham
Riverdale did not hold back at all in its midseason finale on Wednesday night, and we finally got some answers about the Gargoyle King at long last. The identity of the town's new resident killer is still a mystery, but the new episode did clear a…

2018's Most-Watched On-Demand Show Didn't Air A Single New Episode This Year

ByAni Bundel
If it's December, then it's time for the year-end roundups to begins. This is the time when everyone starts crunching the numbers and putting out lists of the most listened to songs on Spotify for the year, the most watched viral videos on YouTube,…

This 'Avengers: Endgame' Theory About Ant-Man Will Rock Your World

ByAni Bundel
I know this year feels like it lasted for about a decade, but do you realize it's only been about seven months since Thanos snapped his fingers and half the universe fell into dust? In the intervening time, fans have desperately sought answers to…

Ariana Grande Just Teased What Her 'Sweetener' Album Will Really Be About

ByTara Martinez
Ariana Grande is gearing to release new music and she’s sharing some details about her creative process while she’s at it. In a recent Instagram post, Grande revealed what inspired her latest album and how her new song ”Imagine” fits into her…

These 'Aquaman' Ratings Will Have You Swimming To The Theater

ByAni Bundel
At this point, it has mostly become a truth universally acknowledged that the Justice League franchise, as initially conceived by Warner Brothers as a direct response to the 2012's The Avengers film, has failed. But all is not lost. Batman and…

Here's Everything We Know About 'The Punisher' Season 2

ByAni Bundel
While fans continue to mourn the loss of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, the last of the Netflix Marvelverse is soldiering on. Next up on the list to air another season: The Punisher Season 2, which wrapped filming months ago. Fans have been…

The Photos Of Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas' Date In Mumbai Look So Romantic

ByTara Martinez
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are taking their love all over the world. After enjoying a mini honeymoon in Oman, the newly married couple headed over to Mumbai for a wedding celebration. And they looked totally in love and absolutely incredible.…

Here's The Reason Donald Trump Has Been Threatening To Shut Down The Government

ByChelsea Stewart
The year 2018 has been such a mess so far, it only seems fitting that it might go out even messier — potentially as far as a government shut down. While President Donald Trump is fond of making grandiose statements, his latest threat to shut down…

The Best Health & Wellness Podcasts To Listen To In 2019 For A Fresh Perspective On Life

ByJulia Guerra
2019 is right around the corner, friends, so you better believe I’m making a list and checking it twice. No, I’m actually not referring to my Christmas list this time around (though, don’t you worry, that’s taken care of, too); I’m jotting down a…

8 Women Share The Most Special Holiday Gift They Got From A Partner & I'm Crying

ByChristy Piña
With the holidays just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for your amazing partner may seem like a near impossible feat. What do you give someone who deserves the world and makes you as happy as they do? As you begin to brainstorm what…

5 Unique Things To Do In The Winter If You Don't Ski, But Still Want Snowy Instas

ByCiara Johnson
The snow is falling, and North Lake Tahoe is calling. From the most stunning landscapes, to some of the coolest bucket list adventures ever, North Lake Tahoe is the dreamiest place to escape to this time of year. Pack your bags, gear up in your snow…

The 2020 Presidential Campaign Season Is Already Starting With This Early Announcement

ByChelsea Stewart
It might only be 2018, but the list of potential 2020 presidential candidates is already being assembled. It's been heavily speculated that some of those presidential hopefuls could include Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), Rep. Beto O’Rourke…

6 Newlywed Brides Reveal How They Chose The Song They Walked Down The Aisle To

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Planning your wedding day can be super overwhelming because you might want everything to feel absolutely perfect. But there's just so much to plan. You have to choose the cake, the dress, the florist, the color scheme, the theme, the songs — and…

7 Questions To Ask Your Partner About Sex Before Your First Anniversary To Feel Closer To Them

ByTheresa Holland
You and bae made it to a year — yassss! The one-year benchmark officially places your relationship in the long-term zone. You've probably had some pretty serious talks, maybe you've met each other's parents, and you might even be shacked up at this…

Gwendoline Christie Says Fans Will "Need To Go To Therapy" After 'GOT' Season 8

ByAni Bundel
April of 2019 is going to be an emotional disaster for fandoms across the spectrum. Avengers: Endgame will be landing in theaters just as Game of Thrones Season 8 will be premiering on TVs. No one's saying much on what will happen in Endgame, but…

21 Christmas Card Instagram Captions That'll Capture The Holiday Spirit

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Break out your Santa hat and ugly Christmas sweater, because the big day is almost here. The countdown is officially on, and you couldn't be more excited for Christmas Day to arrive. From fun family traditions, to gathering around the tree for…

Here's What We Know About The AMI & 'National Enquirer's Non-Prosecution Agreement

ByShelby Black
Well everyone, today has certainly been a day. Just when it looked like President Donald Trump might make it through the end of 2018 peacefully, things might have changed for the worse and it's thanks to a familiar publisher. So, what does the…

The Kardashians' Christmas Decorations Through The Years Are Serious Pinterest Goals

ByKaren Ruffini
There's no place like home for the holidays, but there's also no place like the Kardashians' homes, either. We know that Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie are all super festive when it comes to the Christmas season, and their yearly…

Alice Marie Johnson Has Been Speaking Out For Reform Since Kim K Advocated Her Release

ByChelsea Stewart
If there is anything we all can agree on, it's that Alice Marie Johnson's release from prison was one of the most notable stories of 2018. Johnson, who had spent more than 20 years of a life sentence behind bars for a non-violent drug crime,…

Simone Biles Revealed How Therapy Has Helped Support Her Through Her Ups & Downs

ByAnnakeara Stinson
Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is awe-inspiring, to say the least. The 21-year-old athlete won a record-breaking four titles at the World Gymnastics Championship this year (while battling kidney stones, BTW), and she was recently named as ESPN The…

Steve Carell Was Hit By A Car, But Unlike Meredith On 'The Office,' He's Just Fine

BySarah Halle Corey
Car accidents are usually no laughing matter. But when no one is hurt and the accident involves Steve Carell basically reenacting a scene from The Office, it's a lot easier to find the humor in it. On Wednesday, Carell joked on The Ellen DeGeneres…

The 'True Detective' Season 3 Trailer Reveals The New Mystery

ByAni Bundel
When True Detective first landed back in 2014, it took HBO viewers by storm. Everything from the caliber of the acting to the quality of the storytelling was impressive. The panache of vaguely holistic woo mixed with good old-fashioned gumshoe…

Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, & More Will Voice Star In Pixar's Star-Studded 'Onward'

BySarah Halle Corey
Between Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, Pixar recently seems a bit more like a sequel machine than the studio that produced some of the most original stories of the last few decades. Well, Pixar diehards, no need to fear: Pixar is returning to its…

Someone Hold Me, Because Kim K Revealed She Sleeps In Her Makeup... Like, A Lot

ByKelsi Zimmerman
Do you remember that childhood song, "The Song That Never Ends" from the show Lamb Chop? Well, lately, I've literally had the breakout that never ends as the pimples just keep going on and on, my friends. But I'm the only person to blame, as I…

24 Flirty Christmas Captions, Because You're As Smitten As A Pair Of Mittens

ByMarisa Casciano
The snuggle is real around the holidays — and this year, you're dreaming of drinking hot chocolate by the fire with your crush. This is the person who, for the past few months, has been giving you major butterflies and making amazing memories with…

18 Song Lyrics About Going Through A Breakup For Every Emotion You're Feeling

ByChristy Piña
Getting through a breakup can often feel like a never-ending black hole of tears, frozen pizza, and lots of chocolate. But eventually, the heartbreak really does get better, and even if in this moment it feels like you'll never be able to move on…

Christine Blasey Ford's First Appearance After The Kavanaugh Hearing Was So Fitting

ByDaniella Bondar
In September, Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault while the two were in high school — an allegation he denies — gave her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee prior to…

28 New Year’s Instagram Captions If You’re Staying In & Keeping It Cozy This Year

ByKristin Corpuz
New Year's Eve is almost here yet again, and while you're wondering where the heck 2018 went, invites for all of your friends' New Year's parties are pouring in. If you're anything like me, you're probably RSVP'ing "no," and opting instead to spend…

12 Women Reveal The Worst Lies Men Ever Told Them & They're Outrageous

ByCandice Jalili
There is no greater feeling of betrayal than being lied to. And what's worse than the feeling of being lied to by a random stranger? The feeling of being lied to by a person you love, especially when it's someone you're in a committed romantic…

This Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger Relationship Update Could Mean They're Serious

ByJamie LeeLo
If you haven't heard by now, let me be the one to tell you. Chris Pratt is dating broadcast journalist Katherine Schwarzenegger, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, and it is serious. Like, really serious. Like, he's hanging out with her…

I Turned Off My Social Media Notifications On My Phone & It's One Of The Best Decisions I've Made

ByKristin Corpuz
I was born in 1995, so my first smartphone was a BlackBerry Pearl, which had a physical keyboard. (Remember those?) I grew up at a time when social media was first starting to make waves, but not everyone was using it quite yet. My phone didn't even…

Some Kotex Tampons Have Been Recalled & Here's How It Might Affect You

ByJulia Guerra
Ladies, if you’re currently experiencing that ~special~ time of month, or are looking to stock up on feminine products for your next cycle, I’d maybe avoid reaching for the Kotex box if I were you — at least for the time being. The personal care…

These Awful Conspiracy Theories About The Parkland Students Are The "Lie Of The Year"

ByDaniella Bondar
Is 2018 over yet? It feels like it's been going on for, oh, centuries. So much has happened this year, and with 2019 around the corner PolitiFact combed through all the terrible public lies that spread through 2018 and found the worst of the bunch.…

If You Love To Take Relationships Slowly, You’re Probably One Of These 4 Signs

ByRachel Shatto
When I'm starting a new relationship, I like to proceed slowly at first while I take my sweet time considering if this is someone I want to commit to. Once I’ve made that decision, well, that's when it turns into full steam ahead. Basically, I go…

CoverGirl's New Full Spectrum Collection Celebrates Women Of Color In A Big Way

ByAriana Marsh
Just last month, a certain behemoth beauty brand made headlines when it announced it was officially 100 percent cruelty free and now, it's at it again with a new collection of products that will doubtlessly be industry game-changers. CoverGirl's…

This Serving Dish Will Actually Alert You Of Double Dippers At Your Holiday Party

ByLizzy Rosenberg
With the holiday season almost in full swing, there's a likely chance you'll be attending (and maybe even throwing) a few social gatherings, parties, and soireés in the next couple of weeks. And if your party-going habits are anything like mine,…

The Best Feminist Gift Ideas That Give Back To Women & People In Need This Holiday Season

ByAnnakeara Stinson
One big thing that can be frustrating about the holiday season — besides constantly having to go to cocktail parties, and the fact that "Santa Baby" is playing every time you enter a coffee shop — is the expectation to spend so much money.…

8 Women Spill All The Juicy Details About The Most Creative Sex They've Ever Had

ByTheresa Holland
Creativity is the spice of life, and for many women, it's also the spice of their sex life. Even if you're a pretty sexually active person, some memories will be less-than-memorable, while others, like the most creative sex you've ever had, will…

5 Things You Shouldn't Put Off Until Tomorrow In Your 20s, Because Living Is For Right Now

ByMarisa Casciano
Let me tell you a secret about life: It happens, and fast. One day, you're a kid riding your scooter around the neighborhood and playing basketball during recess. The next, you're heading into the "real world" with years of experience already behind…

You Can Get A Free Pint Of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream With This GrubHub Deal

ByLara Walsh
Your weekend grocery run could come with a complimentary pint of ice cream, thanks to the Grubhub and Wawa. The delivery service and the convenience chain are collaborating for one weekend to reward you for stocking up in preparation of the week…

If You Like Money, You’re Definitely Going To Like This Helpful Tool

ByAndrea Jordan
If you’re like 99.9 percent of Americans, it’s likely you're a fan of money. And why wouldn't you be? Spending it, saving it, investing it, or hiding it in a decades-old piggy bank can all feel like super satisfying experiences. But now that we're…

These 2 Apps For Your Instagram Best Nine Have One Major Difference

ByAmanda Fama
The end of 2018 is quickly approaching, which means it's time to take a moment and think about all of the Insta-worthy moments you've had within the past 12 months. Thankfully, there are a few apps that'll help you view your top nine posts in one…

3D Lips, Color Blocking, & More Bold Holiday Makeup Trends Guaranteed To Make A Statement

ByBella Gerard
Playing it safe during the holidays? Thank u, next — it's the perfect time to embrace all things festive, and do a deep dive into the statement beauty trends you've shied away from throughout the year. Tis the season to be edgy, and I've rounded up…

Here's What We Know About Ariana Grande & Victoria Justice's Complicated Relationship

ByKaren Ruffini
Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice have known each other for quite some time after meeting initially back in 2010 on the set of the Nickelodeon show Victorious. But since their meeting, there has been a lot of rumored drama around the two women.…