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You Can Get A Wine Advent Calendar For A Holiday Countdown, So Bring On December

By Lizzy Rosenberg
First, there were the delicious (and totally classic) chocolate-filled advent calendars, which almost everyone has come to know and love. Then, the Christmas countdowns got real creative. There were cookie advent calendars, workout advent calendars…

If You Decorate Early AF For The Holidays, These 6 Things Are So Relatable

By Rachel Chapman
It's the most wonderful time of the year, and yes, I'm talking about the holiday season. I am also fully aware that it is still summertime and a million degrees outside, but inside my heart, it is cool, crisp, and covered in fall foliage. Oh, I'm…

The 7 Types Of Relatives You Definitely See Every Holiday

By Marisa Casciano
Life's always a party when it comes to hanging with your family on the holidays. Whether it's Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or even just a casual summer barbecue that happens every year, you can always expect the entire crew to show up ready to make…

6 Creative Holidays To Celebrate Just Because

By Michele Baci
Celebrating small victories is important. No accomplishment should slip by unnoticed, whether it’s something as monumental as paying off a hefty credit card bill or something as standard as cleaning out your closet. If you're like us, and you're…

8 Epic Holidays Every Friend Group Should Start Celebrating Now

By Marisa Casciano
Life's always a party with our people. You've probably already had a handful of adventures with your besties. Truth is, nobody is quite down for a late night drive to the diner or a spontaneous slumber party quite like our crew. They're the best…

The Reason People Have A Lot More Sex Over The Holidays Is Actually So Sweet

By Candice Jalili
Ah, the holidays. They're the loveliest time of the year. You get gifts from your loved ones, incessant questions from grandma about either 1) why you're still single, 2) when you and your partner are getting married, or 3) when you and your spouse…

When You and Your BFF Are Apart For The Holidays

By Jorja Hudson
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I Gave My Mom Control Of My Tinder Over The Holidays & It Changed How I Swipe

By Genevieve Wheeler
My mom and I have always been exceptionally close. In high school, I'd tell her every detail of my AIM convos with crushes, she was the first call I made anytime I met a cute stranger while studying abroad in college, and she's always up-to-date on…

Sephora Gifts Sets Are Half-Off Now, So Feel Free To Cry Your Mascara Off

By Ariana Marsh
There are only two days until Christmas, which means last-minute shopping is in full effect. Yes, I am speaking from experience, here. (Is "Happy belated Christmas" a thing?!) Luckily, I saw the Sephora gift sets sale, which I'm taking as a sign…

You Can Get 50 Percent Off Your Next Flight With This Airline's Holiday Special

By Collette Reitz
As the new year creeps up on you, you might find yourself hurriedly throwing together some resolutions to ensure that you live your best 2018 life in the upcoming 12 months (like, say, travel more?). Or maybe you're more focused on the present and…

I Went On 10 Tinder Dates Over The Holidays & It Led To The Most Unexpected Relationship

By Jen Kirsch
When my two-and-a-half year relationship with my partner ended, I immediately bounced back with a whirlwind relationship. Just one problem: my ex and I were still living together. When my live-in ex moved out the same day my new guy moved back to…

This Girl Wished For A Boo To Spend The Holidays With Last Year & 2017 Delivered

By Candice Jalili
What would you wish for this holiday season if you could be 100 percent certain that it would come true? Personally, I like to keep my wishes practical, but if I were to wish for literally anything, I'd probably go for a fantastic idea for a novel…

My Boyfriend's Best Gift Was Dumping Me Right Before The Holidays

By Jen Kirsch
Last year, my boyfriend of a month called it quits the first week of December. Just like that, I was set to be single during the holidays. We had just had a very successful meet-the-parents weekend in his hometown of Niagara Falls. He brought me up…

9 Gifts That Give Back, To Make The Holidays Brighter For Everyone

By Bernadette Deron
Is it just me, or is December flying by faster than I ever thought was possible. We've found ourselves in the throes of the holiday season, with Christmas fast approaching at just six (!!) days away. So if you're still scrambling and shopping around…

8 Winter Solstice Cocktails To Make Your Holidays Warm & Bright

By Alani Vargas
If you haven't heard, it's damn cold outside for us out here in the Midwest and the North. Winter is right around the corner, and we can very obviously feel it. But that's not all bad; winter brings sweater weather (Although, we often have to bundle…

This Creative Couple Made A "Winter Punderland" & Literally Just Won The Holidays

By Candice Jalili
What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta. Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind, it's tearable. Ha! Get it? Because paper TEARS. Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged. So funny, because, like, coffee mugs and getting mugged!…

3 Ways To Be Less Lonely Over The Holidays & Meet New People By Using Tinder

By Sydnee Lyons
This year, I'll be spending Christmas alone, which has given me a really bad case of the holiday blues. Seriously, I walk around half-heartedly crooning Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas" at least three times a week now. To be fair, this isn't my…

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It Really Is "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

By Rosebud Baker
Can you believe that we are actually almost finished with the year 2017? It seems like just yesterday everyone was moaning about how awful 2016 was, and that year feels like a distant memory. It also seems like, "What were we even b*tching about?"…

Your Tarot Card Horoscope For Dec. 18, 2017 Is Here To Guide You Into The Holidays

By Ethony
Welcome to your tarotscopes for the week. What is a tarotscope, you ask? It is a mini tarot reading for your astrological sun sign aimed to give you a little energetic edge for your week. Your tarot card horoscope for Dec. 18, 2017, is read along…

7 Texts To Keep Your Hookup Going When You're Apart For The Holidays

By Annie Foskett
Well, look at you, Miss America. You finally downloaded dating apps, asked the cutie with the funniest response to "If you were a breakfast food, what would you be?" to get drinks, and had a lovely date. You started hooking up — as one does — and…

My First Time Celebrating Christmas With My Boyfriend Completely Changed How I Felt About The Holidays

By Sophie Vershbow
When I was three years old, my babysitter Amy took me to Bloomingdale's on the Upper East Side to meet Santa Claus. My parents were unaware of our field trip, and I waited in line with bated breath, bursting with excitement to meet the big man in…

Me Trying To Adult During The Holidays

By Jorja Hudson
All I need to throw a classy party is my best friend... and a bunch of money #PayPalCanDoThat

35 Steamy Texts To Send Your Partner When You're Apart For The Holidays

By Sydnee Lyons
Before you get into another political debate with your aunt who's visiting for the holidays, why not find a better way to pass the time in between family meals? There are so many other things you can do like build a snowman, watch Home Alone 2: Lost…

Ho, Ho, Ho, It's Time To Try These 7 Holiday Sex Positions

By Jamie Kravitz
Baby, it's cold outside. So why leave the house at all? Skip the flirty snowball fight and get right to cozying up by the fire. You and your yuletide cutie can celebrate another year on the naughty list by trying these Christmas sex positions. Don't…

How To Survive The Holidays When All Your Friends Are In Relationships & You're Single AF

By Annie Foskett
If I were allotted only one adjective to describe the holidays, I would settle on "complicated." Of course, words like "joyous" and "indulgent" come to mind, but so do words like "depressing" and "contentious." No matter how much you love your…

8 Romantic Texts To Send Your Partner When You're Apart For The Holidays

By Annie Foskett
I remember when my best friend got her first real boyfriend. It was our freshman year of high school, and it was right before winter break. I had barely been kissed at that time, and I had maybe gotten my period. I was a little jealous, and a lot…

Twitter Is Roasting Ivanka Trump’s “Happy Holidays” Message & It’s So Ironic

By Lisa Dunn
President Donald Trump's goal to bring back "Merry Christmas" is, by all accounts, going well. His Christmas tree lighting ceremony featured huge names like Kathie Lee Gifford and, uh, the Texas Tenors, and a bunch of scrappy people got together and…

I Was Too Scared To Break Up With My Boyfriend During The Holidays, But It Was The Right Choice

By Jen Kirsch
When the music is merry, the drinks are flowing, and the calendar is filled with holiday parties, it's hard to step away from a toxic or negative relationship, or just a relationship that’s not working for you. I’ve been there. I’ve put off breaking…

How To Keep A Conversation Going With Someone You Swiped On & Haven't Met With Yet

By Genevieve Wheeler
All right, it's mid-December. You've spent all of cuffing season furiously swiping through dating apps, chatting with duds, and nodding-and-smiling your way through sub-par date nights. And then, you matched with the person you're pretty sure is…

The Man Repeller's Guide To Holiday Style & Gifting On A Budget

By Alison Turka
Fashion influencers are a dime a dozen these days, but few possess the writing talents and unique, take-no-prisoners style acumen of Leandra Medine, otherwise known as the Man Repeller. Beloved for her dry wit and sparkling outfits, Medine has…

2017 Book Releases That Are Perfect To Read While You're Home For The Holidays

By Danielle Valente
The holidays are no joke, friends. By the time you've finished decorating, cooking, wrapping presents, and so on, you'll be in need of a little r&r — good book and a mug of eggnog required. Here are 2017 book releases that are perfect to help calm…

Give Your Christmas Tree A Fierce Female Touch With These Toppers

By Danielle Valente
How do you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year? With your favorite ladies, of course. Female Christmas tree toppers not only make the perfect accessory, but they support a powerful message as well. Women To Look Up To (WTLUT), a UK-based…

3 Easy Tips For Getting Over Someone Who Dumped You Right Before The Holidays

By Cosmo Luce
Getting dumped is always harsh, but perhaps no more than during the holidays. It's particularly hard to figure out how to get over someone when your Great Aunt Flo is sitting across from you at the Christmas table, asking how a nice, cute person…

How To Handle 4 Awkward First Date Problems That Pop Up Around The Holidays

By Jamie Kravitz
If you haven't coupled up this cuffing season, it makes perfect sense for you to keep swiping on dating apps, talking to people at bars, and going on first dates. You can find love during any month of the year, but for some reason, navigating a…

How To Spend Your First Holiday With Your Partner's Family & Make It Out Alive

By Cosmo Luce
The holidays are the single most stressful time of the entire year for me. Having to spend money on presents for people to prove something about how much I love them just doesn't do it for me. The cold seriously gets me down. And especially when…

5 Best Experience Gifts For Couples If Material Objects Aren't Your Style

By Sydnee Lyons
A few years ago, I made a conscious decision to tell my friends and family that I'd much rather have experiences than get presents under the tree. This request has led me to some of the best experience gifts for couples and family members alike.…

6 Little Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During The Holidays, According To Experts

By Julia Guerra
Here’s the thing no one talks about in regards to the so-called most wonderful time of year: For a naturally anxious person, it can actually be super overwhelming, which is why it’s vital to figure out how to take care of yourself during the…

What To Buy Your Partner's Parents For The Holidays If You Wanna Stay On Their Good Side

By Sydnee Lyons
Holiday gift shopping is one of the few drawbacks of the season. No, it’s not because I’d rather buy gifts for myself — although this is not untrue — but because every year, there’s always at least two people on my list I have no idea how to shop…

10 Gifts For The 'Riverdale' Fan In Your Life This Holiday Season

By Dylan Kickham
If you have a TV fanatic in your family or friend group, then chances are they are hooked on Riverdale. The CW's dark, campy murder mystery adaptation of the Archie comic book series has pretty much everyone hooked, which is what makes it the…

9 Creative Puns For Your Tinder Bio If You're Feeling Festive About The Holidays

By Cosmo Luce
If the only thing you're asking Santa for on your Christmas list this year is a little help with your dating life, then you might want to make some holiday puns for your Tinder bio. Everybody knows that the big man in red likes to laugh a lot, and…

You Can Avoid Long Security Lines At The Airport During The Holidays By Doing This One Thing

By Collette Reitz
With the holiday travel season in full swing, it's important to plan ahead to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The airports will definitely be crowded with people traveling to see family and friends, so you'll want to do your best to steer…

Applebee's Is Selling $1 Long Island Iced Teas & Here's When You Can Buy One

By Amanda Fama
Well, it's officially December, which means the holidays are nearly upon us. I don't know about you, but I'm really excited. It's finally time to deck the halls, blast your favorite Christmas tunes, bake an absurd amount of cookies, and of course,…

This Is The Nicest Way To Break Up With Someone Right Before The Holidays

By Jamie Kravitz
Holiday breakups happen — just ask Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, or Wham! (to name a few classic examples). If you've decided to break up with someone before the holidays, there's no need to panic. According to Anita Chlipala, licensed marriage and…

Is It Better To Dump Someone Before Or After The Holidays? An Expert Weighs In

By Jamie Kravitz
The fall and winter months are commonly referred to as "cuffing season" among millennials, because for some reason, when the weather gets colder you suddenly feel the need to be in a relationship. The alternative to this phenomenon, however, is…

Trump's Holiday Card Has One Very Important Difference From Obama's

By Yasaman Khorsandi
Good news, President Donald Trump's hated "war on Christmas" may officially be over. On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Trump family kicked off the holidays by signing the official White House Trump Christmas card with "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy…

'Riverdale' Will Return After The Holidays, So You Have Plenty Of Time To Theorize

By Ani Bundel
It's that time of year again, when your favorite TV series start going on their holiday breaks. Though it may be cold outside, with lots of vacations scheduled over December and holiday specials to squeeze in, this is the point in the broadcast…

Sophia Bush Has Some Advice For Dealing With Your Nonsensical Relatives During The Holidays

By Brittany Leitner
If you spent the better part of the week racking up Cyber Monday deals and buying one too many crop tops, you might be wondering how to restore some good vibes into the universe and take the time to do something for the greater good of the world.…

The Ultimate Christmas Decorating Playlist That'll Have You Rockin' Around The Tree

By Jasmine Vaughn-Hall
Christmas tree decorating would be incomplete without those satisfying tunes that have you sashaying around that glorious blue spruce. Music is great for every occasion, but for the holidays, it's extra magical. Streaming this playlist of Christmas…

6 Cyber Monday Sex Toy Deals That'll Definitely Heat Things Up For The Holidays

By Tayi Sanusi
Anyone who's ever gone shopping for a little somethin' to spice things up in the bedroom knows that sex toys can really break the bank sometimes. Thankfully, there are tons of Cyber Monday sex toy deals out there today that you won't want to miss…

7 Unique Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

By Rachel Chapman
Now that you've totally nailed the job of Santa Claus and picked out the perfect gifts for your family and friends, it's time to start wrapping it all up. It's true that a fun wrapping paper print can go a long way, but if you want to switch up the…