Zuri Irvin


Zuri is a Los Angeles native and isn't sure whether he should have written this in first person or third person.

This Is What's Really Happening When You Start Losing Your Childhood Friends

By Zuri Irvin
I turned 26 two weeks ago, and this is the age where I'm probably starting to lose my childhood friends. Childhood friends are the best people in the world. Who else were you going to go egging with on Halloween? Who dared you to drink that…

Why Only One Democratic Candidate Supports Edward Snowden

By Zuri Irvin
About two-thirds into last night's Democratic Presidential Debate on CNN, Anderson Cooper segued out of a question on NSA spying tactics into a more specific binary argument. Is Edward Snowden a traitor or a hero? Each candidate gave a thoughtful…

Blame Technology: 5 Ways Millennials Killed The 'Playboy' Star

By Zuri Irvin
In a lot of ways, Playboy was the Jackie Robinson of scandalous photography. What other company dared to minimize clothing to maximizing readership? Who else had the gall to slut-out bunny rabbits behind their backs? Who among us had the chutzpah to…

Crossroads: The 2015 Dodgers Are The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Of Baseball

By Zuri Irvin
The Dodgers are at the crossroads, a la Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. In many ways, these should be the glory days for the boys in blue. Their payroll is approaching the size of our country's defense budget and they haven't showcased two pitchers this…

Why The US Should Follow Hawaii By Way Of Stricter Gun Control

By Zuri Irvin
Mahalo. 'A'ole pilikia. A hui hou kākou. We should all chill out like Hawaiians. \Hawaii has the fewest gun-related deaths per 100,000 people out of all US states, and it also has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. This is not a…

How Donald Trump's Run For Presidency Turns US Politics Into A Charade

By Zuri Irvin
Remember when Gary Coleman ran for governor? He placed eighth in a field of 135 candidates in California's gubernatorial recall election in 2003. Coleman finished ahead of porn star Mary Carey and just behind pornographer Larry Flynt, who ran on a…

5 Reasons We Love To Hate Selfies, Even If We’re Guilty Of Taking Them

By Zuri Irvin
Isn't it a little strange that the "selfie" turned into a phenomenon of sending your own likeness to as many other people as possible? Shouldn't they be called "youies" or "lookies?" If you wanted to really take a selfie, you'd take a picture of…

10 Millenial English Premier League Players to Watch

By Zuri Irvin
We're under a week away from the start of this year's Premier League season, and it's time to look at the young players who may catch your eye during the upcoming campaign. Here's a rundown of 10 Premier League players to watch: Raheem Sterling -…

Kansas City Used To Be A Seller, Now It's A Royal Destination

By Zuri Irvin
Let’s take a trip back. Six weeks into Kansas City’s seventh-straight losing season in 2010, general manager Dayton Moore fired manager Trey Hillman to bring a new voice into the dugout. Moore told MLB.com in 2010: “Our goal by 2013, 2014 is to have…