Zoe Sessums


Zoë Sessums was was born in Gainesville, Florida. She has made her way up and down the East Coast, attending art school and waiting tables along the way. She currently studies journalism at the University of Florida. Zoë can be found eating dessert, running and/or sporting amazing footwear. She cannot consume enough trivia and would love to be the Millennial's Dear Abby.

What It's Like To Live With Misophonia, AKA The Hatred Of Sound

By Zoe Sessums
Have you ever wanted to violently shake your best friend by the shoulders because she keeps tapping her foot on the coffee table? Have you ever wanted to smother a pillow over your boyfriend’s face because of the rhythm of his inhales and exhales as…

How Grease-Resistant Food Wrappers Could Unknowingly Damage Your Health

By Zoe Sessums
I was recently bombarded with daunting articles warning me that my pizza box or bag of microwaved popcorn might cause serious harm. The part of the packaging that keeps grease from seeping through, enveloping your delicious, cheesy pizza could…

I Tried To Live Like Gwyneth Paltrow For A Week And I Felt Like Sh*t

By Zoe Sessums
I go through phases where I try to be the best version of myself -- the holy beacon of light version of myself. It's the one who is peaceful and perhaps has defined abs. I feel like I don’t have too far to get there. I have a lifetime of sobriety,…

Got It From My Mama: 4 Ways My Parents Taught Me To Be Cool

By Zoe Sessums
I’ve always had a great relationship with my parents. They never questioned my phase when I wore pillowcases as skirts. They never hid my Hanson cassette or told me to turn down my "Legally Blonde" soundtrack. I'm especially grateful for all the…

5 Things Those Born On The Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp Know To Be True

By Zoe Sessums
In astrology, a cusp is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac. Not all astrologers agree a person can be included in more than one sign. They say one sign may have a degree of another, but one cannot be part of…

What Living With My 85-Year-Old Grandmother Taught Me About Life

By Zoe Sessums
When I turned 18, I decided the best way to forge a new path, one far away from my graduating class, would be to go live with my grandmother. I would get to reside roughly 1,200 miles away from my hometown, and I would try to live without all the…