Zion Kim


Zion Kim is an entrepreneur and the founder of 99 Robots helping companies with digital marketing and WordPress. He enjoys writing about growing your business and life.

Startup Tricks: 10 Things Budding Entrepreneurs Should Focus On

By Zion Kim
Starting a company is incredibly difficult, especially if it's your first time doing so. There are a million and one things to think about: quickly bloating product road maps, new competitors and credit cards that keep maxing out. There is so much…

You're Worth More Than You Think: 9 Reasons Why You Should Speak Up At Work

By Zion Kim
I have noticed many young professionals have trouble voicing their opinions in a group, especially when their colleagues are older than they are. Of course this happens quite often, not just with the younger generation. Some of you are are reluctant…

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Mentor To Put You On The Road To Success

By Zion Kim
It’s no secret: Mentorship is important. Finding a good mentor, however, can be harder than finding the right person to marry. You may get lucky and end up at a company with a formal mentorship program, but most organizations don’t have systematic…

The Struggles Of A Startup: 5 Valuable Lessons To Learn From A Mentor

By Zion Kim
I started my first company with my business partner during our sophomore year of college. The company made custom apparel for fraternities and sororities. There was no real reason that justified why we were the right people to start this company…

How To Break Into The New Year: The 36 Resolutions That Actually Matter For 2015

By Zion Kim
After reading Elite Daily’s post on New Year's resolutions, I was inspired to put together my own list. I thought a lot of them were fairly superficial but a few were actually worth investing in. How we treat our own time is an interesting…