Zach Chen


Infopreneur & self-help mentor. Visit to learn more. My vision is to inspire & impact the world to live a happy & fulfilling life. My mission is to provide quality education & support for achieving happiness and fulfilment. I live life passionately and would love to help as many people do the same too. I share tips, write e-books, produce downloadable courses to help people around the world live a happier life through realizing financial freedom, emotional freedom, action freedom and time freedom.

5 Signs Your Parents Aren't Just Controlling, They're Toxic

By Zach Chen
In the ever-changing world, family is the source of our refuge and our support. Within the family, parents are akin to the seamstress for our fabric of life. Without parents, our lives won't be established as completely or happily. Parents are…

8 Tips For Starting A Passion Project Without Quitting Your Job

By Zach Chen
Remember the days when you had big dreams or exciting fantasies of what you wanted to do when you grew up? Remember the euphoria and satisfaction of doing what you enjoyed instead of worrying about paying the bills? Everyone has their passions and…

6 Signs Your Stress Could Be Turning Into Something More Serious

By Zach Chen
Stress is an experience that everyone is susceptible to throughout the course of life. A period of intense workload, a setback, a traumatic encounter or an unforeseen circumstance can all be triggers for stress. While individual thresholds vary…

Money-Saving Tricks That Won't Make You Feel Like You're On A 'Budget'

By Zach Chen
Feeling a little broke after that holiday season? Maybe it is time to do something to shake up that bank account so that your upcoming year can be a better one. One of the most immediate and significant effects one can feel at the end of every…

Why Letting Go Of 'The Chase' Is Crucial To Growing Up

By Zach Chen
As the old adage goes, "Growing old is mandatory but growing up is conditional." Gaining wisdom as a person is not a given. In the realm of relationships, no one ever wanted to experience a heartbreak but learning to recover from one is an essential…

6 Ways To Recover From Your Vacation Hangover When Going Back To Work

By Zach Chen
Vacations are meant to recharge your body and refresh your mind. But when the vacation ends, it's time to go back to work and get back into your everyday routine. All is not lost, however. There are ways for you to recover from your back-to-work…