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Yoona Wagener is a Commerce Writer for Bustle Digital Group brands including Bustle, Elite Daily, Inverse, and Mic. Her prior experience includes roles in SEO content and copywriting, nonprofit marketing and communications, and customer support and technical writing for software end users. She also writes about consumer technology for Lifewire and has written career advice for Idealist. Yoona holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Bowling Green State University. In her spare time, she enjoys training for marathons, reading novels, and rewatching her favorite sitcoms.

7 Pie Plates That Every Baker Needs, No Matter Their Skill Level

By Yoona Wagener
You can't bake a pie without one of the best pie plates, but choosing the best pie plate for your kitchen requires thinking about your baking needs so you can select the correct material and size for you. Top-rated plates are able to withstand high…

Done With Aerosols? Replace Your Hairsprays With These Eco-Friendly Options

By Yoona Wagener
It isn’t always easy to find safe, eco-friendly hair products that work, but the best non-aerosol hairsprays deliver light to strong hold and are tested and approved by customers. But not all non-aerosol hairsprays are alike — so before you buy,…

4 Types Of Gloves Winter Hikers Need — & Which Ones Are Really Worth The Money

By Yoona Wagener
Frozen fingers can ruin a hike, which is why it's important to wear the best winter hiking gloves to keep your hands warm and dry — without sacrificing more dexterity than required. The intensity and duration of your hike, as well as the weather you…

5 Really Great Irons That Cost Less Than $40

By Yoona Wagener
When your wrinkled clothes need smoothing, the best cheap irons can refresh them — for $40 or less. Affordable irons won’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles of costlier models, but steam irons that have at least 1,200 watts can be…

Setting Up A Home Gym? Cover Your Hardwood Floors With These Mats

By Yoona Wagener
Whether you exercise in your living room or bedroom, the best exercise mats for hardwood floors can make your home workout routine much more comfortable. Top-rated mats designed for vigorous movement should have anti-slip properties so they won't…

5 Plush Blankets That Are Seriously The Softest Ever

By Yoona Wagener
When you're feeling chilly, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with one of the best plush blankets. The top blankets vary in texture from velvety to fluffy, so a lot of it comes down to personal preference. While most plush blankets are made…