Yakira Cohen


Small town girl in a journalists world. Currently attending Nova Southeastern to master the art of communication studies. Aspiring international journalist with a passion for traveling, good books, great friends and awesome experiences.

How You Can Help A Survivor Of Sexual Assault Start To Heal

By Yakira Cohen
News anchors provide minute-long coverage of cases, films portray fictional scenes, colleges state their opposition. But what does anybody really know about sexual assault? Despite any knowledge (or the lack thereof) one has on sexual assault,…

What Donald Trump's Victory Means For The Survivors Of Sexual Assault

By Yakira Cohen
I guess Trump followers could say they've won. I guess you could say the Republican name is well and good, and your Christian values have made their mark on the future of the US. Perhaps you could also say this was the election year that every vote…

9 Reasons I Can't Help But Feel Bad For Brock Turner

By Yakira Cohen
School is back in session, and with the beginning of the school year comes the start of every high schooler's fantasy: college parties. Now that I'm a senior in college, I can't help but look back and reminisce on all of the incredible experiences I…

Why I Am So Much More Than The Stereotypical Labels I Possess

By Yakira Cohen
I am not your stereotypical anything. I’m a woman who is anything but weak. I am white and have had anything but an easy life. I am a quiet person who loves going on adventures. I have a nose ring and wear a lot of jewelry, but I am not a stoner…

The Difference Between Hippies And Free Spirits

By Yakira Cohen
I want to feel as peaceful as flowers. I want to move as freely as the wind. I want to see the world through the eyes of every person and creature I come across. Some people say these yearnings classify me as a hippie, but I am not. I am simply a…

I'm 20 And Free: 6 Misconceptions About Independent People

By Yakira Cohen
I am independent; I am strong; and I am on my way to being free.   Independence is not a choice made based on circumstances; it is a f*cking awesome personality trait. Independence is a trait that, regardless of who or what may enter your life, will…

How My Depression Surprisingly Improved My Perspective On Life

By Yakira Cohen
I’ve always considered myself an independent person. For the most part, I keep my worries and troubles to myself, and I do whatever it takes to help myself succeed. I was never supposed to be the person who couldn’t handle a situation. I was never…

10 Great Things About Greek Life You Won't Hear In The News

By Yakira Cohen
Lately, the news has covered many stories about Greek life. Unfortunately, those stories have conjured a very negative image of fraternities and sororities without shining a light on all the positive influences those organizations have had on their…