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This Is What It's Like To Experience And Survive Gay Conversion Therapy

Shloimy Notik is a copywriter with a long line of top agencies to his name. His current project? A book about his own experiences in gay conversion therapy. Coming out to his Orthodox family was one thing, writing a book about it is another. Shloimy …
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This Video Game Lets You Experience What A Trump Presidency Would Be Like

Deemed too offensive for the app store, the GOP Arcade lives on here, and the silver lining is it's more free than freedom. Brian Moore, Chris Baker, Mike Lacher and William Herring are the minds behind these satirical slants on classic arcade games.…
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11 Ways Quitting Your Job And Traveling Can Make You A Better Person

“Don't quit a job unless you have another one lined up.” These are words drilled into us by our parents, society and probably common sense. But then everywhere we turn, there seems to be yet another article from a creative who is blogging from the be…
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Creativity, Love and Caffeine: Meet The Gurus Behind Venice Cold Brew Coffee

We caught up with creative couple Kristina Mueller and Chris Mueller to discuss their newest venture: creating and branding the mega-popular iced coffee company, Venice Cold Brew. After Kristina and Chris moved to Los Angeles, Chris saw an opportunit…
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