William Ralston

Despite his tender age of just 24, William is not short of life experience. Combining his Law degree with competition on the professional tennis circuit, William filled any spare time he could find by writing for newspapers about the latest developments in his beloved sport. After completing his first book detailing the evolution of the professional game, William has now diversified in his portfolio to write about a plethora of topics, with particular interest in music, life and travel. And that is not all - William continues to work as an in-house music lawyer for a London based record label located on the west-side of the city.

Who You Know Really Is As Important As What You Know

Before I delve into the deep, dark truths about why who you know is so very important, allow me to clarify: By no means is what follows a valid excuse for missing school, flunking that degree or being late on that deadline, for what you know is of gr…
By William Ralston

The First Step To Healing Is Opening Yourself Up And Letting It All Out

"So, tell me about it all," he said. That was the moment it all changed, with one simple question that summer afternoon. I felt something inside me push to say something generic, to repeat once again the formulaic, habitual response that had been gen…
By William Ralston

Speaking In Thumbs: How Technology Killed The Art Of Conversation

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”  — Albert Einstein I am a London resident, which means that I accompany millions of others who ride the tube backward and forward around …
By William Ralston