Whitney Hawkins


Whitney Hawkins, M.S.Ed is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Certified Stress Management Coach providing services in Miami, FL. Whitney has a passion for working with frazzled, confused Millennials in an effort to end the increasing stress epidemic in America. Whitney stresses about many things, including carrying all her grocery bags inside in one trip. Check out her tips and rants about Millennial Mental Health @ donttellmetochilll.com

It's Not You, It's Them: 6 Ways To Tell If You're Dating a Narcissist

By Whitney Hawkins
So you met someone. This person is everything you ever wanted: charming, passionate and exciting. But there’s still something missing. You just can’t put your finger on it. Maybe it’s that he or she literally will not stop talking about how amazing…

Dispelling 5 Common Misconceptions About Going To Therapy

By Whitney Hawkins
Therapy has made its way off the couch and into mainstream society. Members of the Kardashian family regularly bring viewers into their private sessions with counselors, broadcasting their private (possibly staged) issues to the world. This is quite…

How 'Least Stressful Jobs' Lists Fail To Accurately Measure Anxiety

By Whitney Hawkins
What if I told you that you have one of the least stressful jobs in America? How would you feel? If you're anything like the many Americans who bombarded the comments section of CareerCast’s "The Most Stressful Jobs of 2015" and "The Least Stressful…

The Fiorina Effect: Why Focusing On A Woman's Looks Only Silences Her

By Whitney Hawkins
Carly Fiorina is a Republican, a former CEO and a candidate for president in the 2016 United States presidential election. Carly Fiorina is also a woman. A woman who has become a victim of intense scrutiny, not just for her politics, but her…

Red Alert: 6 Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You You're Stressed

By Whitney Hawkins
Stress is a bitch. It creeps up on you like a dark cloud, making it impossible to work, eat or sleep. The body is hardwired to react to stress and protect you from impending danger. This was vital in times wrought with life-threatening elements,…