Whitney Hansen


Whitney is an MBA student, entrepreneur, bikini competitor, wanderluster, & dance party extraordinaire. She’s passionate about trying things out of the social norm, Moscato wine & coffee. She blogs at http://www.whitneyhansen.com

Financial Advisers Reveal How To Begin The Daunting Task Of Saving Money

By Whitney Hansen
Is getting your shit together with money one of your New Year's resolutions? You know you need to start #adulting, but you may not know where to start. So, I reached out to the top personal finance bloggers for their suggestions of what money goals…

14 Ways You May Be Stopping Yourself From Getting Out Of Debt

By Whitney Hansen
Have you ever wondered if you are paying off debt the right way? More than likely, you are making one of these ridiculously common mistakes. Knowledge is power, my friends. So, it's time to educate yourself. Here are 14 of the biggest mistakes I see…

How Gender Inequality In Academia Translates To Startup Environments

By Whitney Hansen
The first time I read "Lean In," I was skeptical. Could there be such gender inequality with my fellow female companions, such self-sabotage? If so, how prevalent is this phenomena? I began to seek out the impact of how gender roles affected my…

Adios, Student Debt: How I Paid Off $30,000 In 10 Months

By Whitney Hansen
We all have a risk meter — or a little voice in our heads that says, “This doesn’t feel right.” In 2010, I graduated from Boise State University with close to $30,000 in debt. I remember holding that student loan bill and thinking, “Holy crap,…

Bills, Bills, Bills: 5 Money Goals To Conquer In Your 20s

By Whitney Hansen
One of the most common financial complaints I hear from 20-somethings is “I have nothing to show for myself.” It’s no secret that your 20s are the most defining decade in your life. During our 20s, we are going through periods of self-discovery,…