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This California Prison Is About To Be Turned Into A Medical Marijuana Farm

By WeedHorn
Last Thursday, the Coalinga City Council voted on two local measures regarding marijuana, both of which have passed. The first measure, which passed in a 4-1 vote, allows compliant cannabis cultivation within city limits -- effective…

Here's How To Make Cannabis-Infused Corn On The Cob This Weekend

By WeedHorn
It's Fourth of July weekend, and you know what that means: Time to fire up that grill. But why not take your basic BBQ to the next level with a few cannabis-infused dishes? Roasted corn with cannabutter is a super easy, super tasty side dish for…

Here Are 10 Things That Are Way More Addictive Than Weed

By WeedHorn
You've heard the saying time and time again: Weed is a gateway drug that'll get you hooked on (fill in the blank). As it turns out, marijuana is the least of your problems considering the world is a smorgasbord of addictive things. Here are ten…

This Is What The TSA Has To Say About Flying With Medical Marijuana

By WeedHorn
I recently shared the story of my mom who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis thirty five years ago. She slowly came around to the idea of using medical marijuana to alleviate her symptoms such as pain, inflammation, loss of sleep and even…

Here's How Weed Made Me A Better Boyfriend

By WeedHorn
It may sound crazy for me to say that weed has made me a better boyfriend, but there you have it. In my previous relationships, I was a ball of emotions and insecurities and it eventually led to me being single and floundering. Finally, I found…

6 Reasons Why Weed Is The Key Ingredient To Healthy Relationships

By WeedHorn
According to the experts at Women's Health Mag, the three main, seemingly simple things to ensure a long and healthy relationship are the following: honesty, communication and loyalty. While all of these things are decidedly crucial and do provide a…

11 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Got Busted With Weed

By WeedHorn
Hollywood has had a long history with Mary Jane. Through the ages, some of our biggest celebrities have toed the line between keeping their usages secrets and coming right out in support of legalization. However, a few famous folks have found…

Step Aside, Crest, Making Your Own Weed Toothpaste Is The Way Of The Future

By WeedHorn
Within these last few years, researchers discovered using just a spoonful of coconut oil instead of toothpaste can have a lot more of a positive effect on the hygiene in your mouth. The team from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland tested…