Vineel Maharaj

Vin is currently a founder/marketer/copywriter for his tech start up Nikktto. (If you need some copywriting for landing pages/sales pages get in touch) Catch his latest project at

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11 Ways To Be Smart And Get Successful On Passive Income

You know the type of cash you collect without being there? You could be asleep or at the gym and money would roll into your bank account. Some people say it's real, while others say it's as fake as a three-dollar bill. Before you think about this, I …
By Vineel Maharaj

5 Reasons Why 99 Percent Of Entrepreneurs Burn Out And Fail Miserably

Becoming an entrepreneur and creating your own business is one of the more challenging and frightening adventures on which someone could embark. To be successful, you have to stay focused, make wise investments and truly believe in yourself and your …
By Vineel Maharaj