Vica Bugrimenko


Vica currently attends Babson College where she studies business mgmt and marketing, but writing saves her from becoming a corporate addict. She's a traveling junkie, a dedicated yogi, & an enthusiastic humorist. Follow her @veeeeks!

5 Things Men Can Learn From The #GirlBosses Of The Startup World

By Vica Bugrimenko
Currently, I’m a senior studying marketing. From my experience, this is a field dominated by women. I’d like to keep it that way. Recently, I was able to work with Tread, a new social recommendation app created and run by one of the most determined,…

The Climb: 4 Reasons Hikers Are The Best People You'll Ever Meet

By Vica Bugrimenko
If you can surround yourself with anyone, surround yourself with hikers. They are the most down to earth, adventurous badasses you’ll ever meet. They are the definition of pure, good vibes. Ever since I started my adventures in New Zealand, I have…

Why It's Easier To Forgive When You're Someone's First Love

By Vica Bugrimenko
There’s something about knowing you’re loved. Knowing that someone is constantly thinking about you and waiting to see you can put a smile on your face without the other person even lifting a finger. It’s the warmest feeling in this world and we all…

Ugh, It's Almost Over: The 9 Stages Of A Truly Terrible Day

By Vica Bugrimenko
Bad days: We’ve all had them; we all know how terrible they can be. They start off like any other day, but somehow transform to the equivalence of getting mauled by a polar bear while having a bad hair day and spilling our Pumpkin Spice Lattes due…

5 Ways To Get Any Professor On Your Side

By Vica Bugrimenko
A professor can either make or break a class. I’ve taken classes I thought I would absolutely hate but ended up loving just because my professor was so interactive and relatable, I could actually understand and enjoy the topic. Professors aren’t…

Giving It Your All: How Jumping In With Both Feet Eliminates Any Fear You Have

By Vica Bugrimenko
You should either do it with your whole heart, or you shouldn’t do it at all. The harder your heart breaks the first time, the harder it is to jump into a relationship the second time around. The more an experience of any kind -- getting fired,…

Neighbors Around The Globe: Why We Should Pay Attention To Overseas Tragedies

By Vica Bugrimenko
We can all agree we live on one planet, right? We may look different; we may speak differently and we may live in different countries, but when it comes down to it, we all share one home. Just look at a globe; we’re all there, even if you can’t see…