Veronica Granja-Sierra


Veronica Granja-Sierra is a recent Media Studies graduate from Toronto, with a passion for writing. While searching for her big break in the world of Journalism and/or Communications, she has written for various online and print publications on different lifestyle topics including: love, dating, health, and sex. She is an animal lover, travel enthusiast, and hopeless romantic. Things in life that put a smile on her face are: family, friends, puppies, a good book, palm trees and the sun.

Why Weddings Have Become Meaningless Displays Of Pretense For Gen-Y

By Veronica Granja-Sierra
It’s the most important day of her life; the day she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl; the day her life as a woman officially commences; her big day… It’s her wedding day. What was once a paramount, sacred tradition that enabled a couple…